Android smartphone adopting electronic paper that can be used for one week with one charge

One of the problems with smartphones is that batteries will soon run out. Besides numerous applications as a causeApplication program code bugAlthough it is thought of, etc, consumption of the battery increases as the screen becomes big anyway either. So, what Onyx company in China madeElectronic paperA smartphone equipped with Android OS displayed by. Although it is still in the prototype stage, it seems that it will be available for about a week with one charge.

E Ink Android Phone by Onyx International -

You can see the fact that you are actually touching the prototype from the following movie.

E Ink Android Phone by Onyx International - YouTube

Looking side by side with ordinary smartphone, it looks like this.

Under normal sunlight in the daytime, the screen of a normal smartphone is very hard to see, but the ones made by Onyx are clearly displayed and the screen is displayed.

Touch screen is hard to see from any angle.

On the other hand, Onyx smartphones can see the screen clearly even when changing the angle.

The back side looks like this.

From the side.

Insert the SIM card from the side.

Touch the screen ......

Since it is electronic paper, black and white is reversed when the screen changes

Only white for a moment ... ...

It switched to the Internet screen like this. It supports both Wi-Fi and 3G.

Even if you change to landscape orientation at the moment, the screen remains in portrait mode.

Very lightweight, I went through the interviewARMdevices.netAccording to weight weighs about 70 g.

Although the reaction of the touch screen is not enough yet, it is scheduled to be improved from now.

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