Russian made 2 screen with liquid crystal display and electronic paper Android smartphone "YotaPhone" actual machine details Photos & Movie Reviews

A smartphone that was developed to do both good and bad by installing a liquid crystal display that can display high-speed and clear response even with low power consumption electronic paper and "YotaPhone"is. This timeMWC 2013I was able to touch that real machine, so I paid details for pictures and videos.

YotaPhone: A New Archetype

First of all, please check the features of this terminal with a movie that shows how to use the 2 screen to select the wallpaper on the liquid crystal display side and then switch the screen on the electronic paper on the back.

Dual-screen use demo of smartphone "YotaPhone" with electronic paper - YouTube

While other companies are exhibiting in an open and atmospheric atmosphere, they have a dark impression of distinctivenessYota DevicesBooth.

In capsules like eggs "YotaPhoneDiscovered.

There are things in the case.

The main body size is 67 × 131 × thickness 7.3 (thickest part 9.9) mm and the nominal weight is 140 g, the weight isIPhone 4It is about the same as 137 g. It is equipped with Qualcomm's Snapdragon MSM 8960 (1.5 GHz) and 2 GB memory, and the storage can choose 32 GB or 64 GB. It corresponds to communication by 4G LTE and has a battery of 2100 mAh.

The front side liquid crystal display is 4.3 inches (1280 × 720 dots). There is no "home" or "back" button on a general Android terminal and you can do the same operation by swiping left and right at the bottom of the screen.

On the reverse side, it has the same electronic paper screen as those adopted for e-book reader etc. The size of the screen is 4.3 inches same as the front liquid crystal display. As it is likely to get scratched if put in a bag or the like as it is, it seems convenient if you release a protective cover or a double covering exclusive cover.

Normally it can be used to display Twitter and Facebook notifications, to confirm SMS and mail arrival, and even if the smartphone main unit is turned off, the display on the electronic paper side screen does not disappear and therefore the map is displayed You can also use it to display coupons and tickets.

The rear camera has 12 million pixels.

I tried to display wallpaper and clock.

Compared with the size of iPhone 5, it looks like this.

The charging port on the right side is designed to attach the cable with a magnet.

There is a volume button on the left side.


On the top is equipped with power button and earphone jack. Please note that this power button also serves as the cover for the SIM card slot.

It actually looks like this when you bring it in your hand. The impression you grasp is exactly the same as a general smartphone, and it is not particularly thick or heavy.

Looking like this when you overlap iPhone 5.

I tried displaying GIGAZINE.

The content displayed on the liquid crystal display side can be sent to the electronic paper on the back by swiping from the top with two fingers on the screen, and when swiping the lower part of the terminal at the back with one finger from the left to the right, the screen Switching. Please check the following movie to see how GIGAZINE is actually displayed on two screens.

Russian made 2 screen smartphone "YotaPhone" to see GIGAZINE - YouTube

We confirmed the release date etc with a spokesperson, we announced it in Russia in the second half of 2013 and plan to sell it in as many areas as we can in time for the Christmas shopping season, the expected actual price is 450 euro (50 thousand It is said to be around 4000 yen). There seems to be a willingness to release it in Japan, but the formal schedule is undecided.

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