"Star Wars flashmob!" Suddenly the main theme of Star Wars echoes in the city altogether

When an unspecified number of people suddenly gather in public places and achieve their objectives, they will act to dissolveflash mobAlthough it is said, in GermanyCologne CathedralPeople with instruments appeared one after another in the open space when the man thought that the man started playing the trumpet, and the movie that he will play the main theme of Star Wars highly,Star Wars flashmob!"is.

Star Wars Flashmob auf dem Wallrafplatz | WDR Rundfunkorchester | ARD - YouTube

In GermanyCologne Cathedral

Square in front of ......

A lot of shops are in line

People with travel bags etc passed past the square promptly ......

People who spend relaxing time at the cafe

A man going through the crowd

I stand in the middle of the road

Battalion in hand

Close your eyes and calm your mind

I have a trumpet on the front

When you begin swinging the baton ... ...

A trumpet that rings high

People who smile unexpectedly in the theme of familiar Star Wars

A boy who dances violently

A coin is thrown in the case placed on the ground

Thank you.

The conductor raises his / her face, so that it points to the air.

Raise your arms ......

The sound of the orchestra from nowhere

In fact, the orchestra was waiting in the building

Music that gets magnificent at once

Before the building, "Where is music from?"

A woman holding a finger from the position where the window of the building can be seen

While the people in the city concentrate on the orchestra in the building ... ...

Orchestra who gathers one after another in the cafe

Because I look up at the top, I do not mind at all in the back ... ...

Preparation will progress steadily behind the scenes

And when the conductor turns round the back for a while ... ...

String instruments will be added to the performance

People watching with a smile

Beautiful sounds echo around

The open cafe occupies the orchestra

People who are watching are smiling ...

It seems fun to play

Everyone plays with a smile

Many people can pay it to movies

And the excitement of music to the climax

Serious look while enjoying

Harp or ...

Timpani also

People who laugh at the camera

Music comes along to the final stage

I'm sorry.

And ...

Sound stopped ......


A clap rising

Tibicko also hurts

And just as it came, the conductor would go through the crowd as if nothing had happened

Organizing members also dissolved

It looks like you could take a picture

And to the sight of usual city

This is a broadcasting station in West GermanyWDRFlash Mob by Symphony Orchestra. According to the explanation of WDR, the performance performed in the open space on October 1st has sounded to the far side of the universe ... ....

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