A sudden "hallelujah" chorus at a food court, standing up unexpectedly to people not involved

It is a little surprising movie that "Hallelujah" flows as a BGM in a food court in a shopping mall where many shoppers are eating, and a person who starts singing suddenly appeared ......

This was done in a certain food courtflash mobIt is a movie containing the appearance of. People who just get frustrated without grasping the situation, those who take out the camera and shoot, people who sing along, the reactions vary widely, but after the singing a strange feeling of unity is born.

Movie playback is from the following.
YouTube - Christmas Food Court Flash Mob, Hallelujah Chorus - Must See!

A picture of a certain food court. BGM is playing live by the person who dressed as Santa.

From the Handel's oratorio "Messiah", a famous "hallelujah" music came and a woman stood up and started singing.

A cold line of glance to say "What, that person?" Is poured.

But this time the man stood up and started singing in another place.

Chorus participants gradually increase.

The boy is stunned without knowing what is going on ... ....

Grandma photographing the state of the chorus.

I am not going to be standing up, but there are people who stand up other than chorus participants.

End of chorus. What is this unity feeling?

And everyday is back.

this is"Alphabet PhotographyWas planned to celebrate Christmasflash mobAnd the shooting location isWelland Seaway MallIt is said that.

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