Frustrated and powerful and overwhelming Flash Mobs beyond the realm of Flash Mob

An unspecified number of people suddenly gather in public places via e-mail, etc., and acts of dissolving instantly as soon as they achieve the purposeflash mobWhen I thought that a few music corps suddenly came to the station of Vienna, people with instruments gathered from here and there, the movie that singers and dancers appeared to them rather than play "Flashmob Carmina Burana"is.

Flashmob Carmina Burana - YouTube

The station of the quiet Vienna.

The station is full of people who buy tickets and those who go home quickly.

And people with instruments gathered together.

People who do not notice such a thing love flowers,

I am delighted to see you again.

Two women will clean up for a moment.

People like bandits occupy the middle of the square.

Uncle thoughtlessly with a loose mouth.

The performance begins.

A woman holding a musical instrument sweeps across.

A woman on the kick board arrived at the right end.

Started playing by discarding the kickboard.

"What, what?" People with a sharp face.

Did the woman looking at the flowers decide to buy a yellow flower?

When I thought, I suddenly started singing. .

It is being seen with tremendous eyes to a woman passing beside a lot of suspicion.

Women who were watching the timetable ......

I will start singing more and more.

A woman singing by holding her hand in front of the escalator.

I have plenty of emotion.

People who play musical instruments while walking.

In spite of you.

A lustful face woman.

He is an interesting person.

, Timpani carried with rumbling.

When the player plays a beat with Dawn, the song changes. What is flowingCarmina Burana.

A man who pretends to be talking on the phone and sings Carmina Burana.

Three singers will gather.

Grandma, lol.

Face seemingly brutal with a male poison face ...

And, I started dancing strongly.

Momentum ......

Wrapping and turning.

You can watch your hands to the audience and it looks like you can afford it,

It is a rather hard position.

A lot of people are singing so much that they can no longer tell which is an ordinary person or a performer.

The older sisters who were supposed to be cleaning also started dancing ......

Music is at its peak.

Former cleaning staff listed in men.

At first there are people who want to behave like a crowd or who act like ordinary people are singing high.

And confetti snow flew away from nowhere and it is a finale.

It is applause.

Chibi is also very happy.

This is in Vienna, AustriaVienna VolksoperofOperaA soloist who passed the audition ofChoirPerformance that they did. If we can see such a high quality flash mob by chance, it seems that it will be a day when usual everyday life can not be forgotten.

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