Only the mood is a dance hall, a man dancing in the street while listening to music on the street

If you are in the habit of running and walking while listening to music, you may have fallen into the feeling that the listening music has become the BGM of the scenery you are seeing.

But what you should not forget is that you only hear that BGM. While listening to music with headphones on the street While watching a man walking while dancing in a lazy tree, I do not notice in the state that I am immersed in music I understand the pain of my surroundings so much that I want to look back on my own actions.

A movie of a man who dances while listening to music is from the following.YouTube - Insane Dancing Dude in Cardiff!

This male is this man. I step on a step with a rhythmic gait.

Because I am immersed in music, I do not seem to have noticed to anyone who passes each other.

Even if a female two person passes by, it will proceed with a light footstep irrespective of it.

Show off a distinctive leg judgment that is different from skipping.

Instead of stretching his feet in the direction of travel, I shifted to a movement that twisted a little.

It is completely complete.

There are things like deciding poses, but they are constantly going forward without stopping.

I thought whether I stopped walking at the boundary between the sidewalk and the roadway, and then I shook the body sideways and danced out.

Even when crossing the pedestrian crossing the pedestrian steps while stepping.

Occasionally I will add a twist. I show a movement that does not get tired of the side that I am seeing, but even if it is a pedestrian crossing, I will indulge in dancing so I do not mind .........

Men who did not even notice the fact that they were being photographed, rather than the surrounding sight, left a long way. I am going to be high when I am listening to music outdoors, but I'd like to be careful not to make a suspicious movement while paying attention to surroundings moderately.

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