A bicycle whose frame is circling in circles "The RoundTail"

The frame of a bicycle is usually shaped like a triangle, but a bicycle with a novel frame that has made that part annular is "The RoundTail".

Although it is a mysterious design that uses four circles in combination with the tire part, it seems that the effect obtained by doing not only aiming at the strange appearance but also by making it into the shape of this frame is correct.

Details of "The RoundTail bicycle" are as follows.Tortola Roundtail - A Bicycle Frame With A Twist - BikeRadar

Introducing RoundTail (TM), a revolutionary custom made bicycle frame that dramatically increasing comfort.

Lou Tortola, who is a bicycle lover for 20 years and also has a face as a novelist and entrepreneur, devised this new bicycle frame design. Regarding the frame design, it has already been registered with the World Intellectual Property Organization and design registration in the US and Canada has also been completed. Protection of patents in other countries is on hold.

This is "The RoundTail bicycle". If it is normal, there are many lines of lines that draw straight lines or loose curves, but this bicycle frame draws a circle.

It is shaped to sandwich the rear wheel between two rings.

The characteristic frame has not only its designability but also the meaning of functional aspects, and it is said that vibration and shaking transmitted to the riding person are more easily absorbed than the conventional frame.

Tortola's friends and acquaintances are mainly in their 50s and trying to make a bicycle that is hard to transmit a shock to people on board because there are many patterns that are declined as impossible because it places a heavy burden on the body even if they invite them to cycling I thought that development was the cause.

Especially the effect that you can realize is that it is a person riding a bicycle when you need a long distance ride, such as a sportsman who challenges competition like triathlon or a bicycle commuter. That means that I am currently traveling around the world by bicycleCharidermanIt may be said that it is a very attractive car body.

We have already completed the durability test at Microbac Laboratories in Colorado, has 10 times more durability against pressure in the direction perpendicular to the conventional frame, the impact absorption rate is said to be 60 times That's right. Also, Tortola, a developer, also speculates that air resistance is less than a conventional straight line frame.

The prototype was held from 7th to 10th April 2011San Diego Custom Bicycle ShowIt was announced at.

The boy watching "The RoundTail" being exhibited has a very good reaction.

Some people are taking pictures and others, the degree of attention is good.

Although the timing and price of commercialization have not been disclosed yet, he says he is preparing to exhibit the body of the mountain bike specification and the hybrid version at the Interbike trade show to be held this September.

Although it seems that not all of the capabilities of this new form of frame have been revealed yet, depending on the degree of completeness, it seems that it will become a new topic as a bicycle lover's choice.

You can see how you are testing the prototype "The RoundTail bicycle" by following link.

YouTube - The Tortola ROUNDATAIL Bike Frame

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