Xi 100 Mbps compatible · Smart phone can be charged · Mobile Wi - Fi router "L - 03E" of 1.8 - inch screen looks like this

Maximum 100 Mbps at reception · Maximum of 37.5 Mbps at sending Xi Ultra High Speed ​​Communication compatible, 800 MHz compatible, Can connect to public wireless LAN so you can use Wi-Fi Spot, also supports data communication with USB connection There is a mobile Wi-Fi router "L-03E"is.

Main Features of 2012 Winter Model: L-03E | Products | NTT DoCoMo

Discovered mobile Wi-Fi router "L-03E"

Since it is compatible with not only 3G but also GSM, it can be used overseas as well as IEEE802.11n, so the maximum communication speed of the wireless LAN itself can be up to 300 Mbps in the 2.4 Ghz band

Battery is increased by about 30% compared with "L - 09 C" of the summer 2011 model

Charging of smartphone is also possible

In this way it is a wake that becomes a mobile charger by connecting with the feeding conversion cable

The conversion cable itself is of this length

The body looks like this, with a 1.8 inch large screen display

The size of the main body is height 92 × width 60 × thickness 19.5 mm, weighs about 145 g.

The side is like this, and you can operate WPS · Wi-Fi on / off · key lock function only with the main body.


High capacity battery 3600 mAh allows up to 8 hours for Xi and up to 11 hours for FOMA.

This is a battery pack

It is also possible to supply power while communicating, or to stop communication while power is being supplied.

Battery level · radio condition · number of wireless LAN connections · data communication volume · SSID · security key · phone number can also be displayed, easy to change setting by jog key.

The time to auto-off Wi-Fi radio wave, the brightness of the display and the lighting time can be set, etc. Up to 10 units will be released in January 2013.

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