A boat "Robotboat Mark VI" which transmits data by investigating points specified on the ocean in full automatic operation

Even though mankind has reached the lunar surface, as most of the deep sea is unexplored, the sea is full of mystery now, but such water, such as sea, lake, river, etc., around the world A boat that is fully automated and does not require fuel "made to studyRobotboat Mark VI"is. With sensors, cameras, GPS, etc. that perform various measurements such as water quality, temperature, oxygen amount, radiation dose, etc., it is possible to survey water bodies around the world without actually getting on board by the remote measurement system.

Robotboat Mark VI by Eamon Carrig - Kickstarter

Autonomous Marine Systems

The movie is from the following.

Robotboat measures everything in the sea, so to speak, it is like a satellite floating on the sea.

We measure various things. For example, oil leaked from the ship

How much garbage is floating in the Pacific Ocean

Ocean current movement


Coral reef

It is also possible to obtain information on living things in the sea by movies and sounds

The following 4 people made it. This is Walter



And Ms. Eeamon.

Robotboat has passed five prototypes so far and it is the sixth machine completed this time

The production scenery of Robotboat Mark VI looks like this

It is designed not to overthrow even if a big wave arrives.

A solar panel is mounted on the hull, and it moves with solar energy. Therefore, fuel is unnecessary.

It is programmed so that it can be reached completely automatically up to the specified point.

It is about the size of a boat, but in addition to GPS, inertial measurement devices, cameras, underwater sounds and modems that allow data to be sent and received over the ocean, temperature, wind direction, wind speed, water conductivity, hull speed, oxygen We have a large number of sensors necessary for measuring ocean such as concentration, pressure, water quality, oxygen dioxide quantity, radiation quantity, salinity, pH, pressure, water depth etc.

Since GPS is installed, it is also possible to see what kind of route Robotboat is following.

Until now, when measuring the ocean, we had to send people to the sea with a ship onboard, but with one Robotboat you can remotely measure and cost can be drastically reduced . As a result of testing, the telemetry system said that it worked without problem.

Various coatings are done to prevent contamination of the hull, and wipers are attached around important sensors.

Robotboat is currently in the process of seeking investment with KickStarter. Three Robotboats are scheduled to be completed at $ 180,000 (about 6.3 million yen) with three ships of 170,000 dollars (about 13 million yen), and after the investment gathered, they will record worldwide within a few months ... ...

I am going to cross the Atlantic Ocean

You can get a T-shirt with a capital of $ 20 (about 1600 yen) with a key stake, a $ 45 (about 3,500 yen) investment ... ....

You can get the 3D model of Robotboat Mark VI with a capital of 500 dollars (about 40,000 yen).

The deadline is 2:47 pm on October 12 in local time.auto

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