A life-saving device "PLOOTA" that will automatically inflate and help you when you get drowned

The annual number of drownings in the world is 372,000. It is a calculation that 42 people drowned and died every hour in an hour. Especially, the cause of death of young people until 24 years old is drowning 1 case in 10 cases. It was created to manage this situation as a safety device for swimmers swelling with the world's first sensor "PLOOTA"is.

PLOOTA by PLOOTA - Kickstarter

There are various places where you can play water, such as the sea and river, pool, but there is always the danger to accidents there. A seatbelt for a car, a helmet for a motorcycle, each protect the body at the time of an accident, but there is no such item for water play. Although it is a life jacket if it dares to mention it, no matter whether it is fishing, it is not possible to swim with a life jacket on.

Is there anything that can secure safety even in such a situation? It is this "PLOOTA" that was invented in consideration of that. The image when wearing / deploying is like this.

It's not as big as bulky.

This figure explained briefly the mechanism. When you are wearing PLOOTA while swimming or playing water, when it falls into a dangerous situation, specifically when the sensor drowns, the sensor will automatically judge the situation and expand the bladder to ensure safety It will be.

Although it looks like it seems to resemble a diving mask, wearing method only hooks on the neck, it is not something to keep in your mouth. Sensor is built in the part that is hanging around the neck. Also, the protrusion on the right side (left side when hanging around the neck) is a manual trigger and you can inflate PLOOTA at any timing. The protrusion on the left side (right side when hanging around the neck) is a CO 2 cartridge, and even after PLOOTA has been inflated once, it can be reused if the cartridge is replaced.

PLOOTA is now looking for investment for commercialization at Kickstarter. The goal is set at 50 thousand euros (about 6.2 million yen).

The rewards you can earn when the project reaches the target amount
· 5 euro (about 620 yen): thanks message digital message
· 25 euro (about 3100 yen): PLOOTA T-shirt
· EUR 65 (approx. 8100 yen): 1 PLOOTA body (early application discount · 35% discount on regular price)
· 80 euro (about 10,000 yen): 1 PLOOTA body (25% discount on fixed price)
· EUR 130 (approx. 6100 yen): 2 PLOOTA bodies (early application discount · 35% discount on regular price)
· 160 euro (about 20,000 yen): 2 PLOOTA main body (25% discount on fixed price)
· 320 euro (about 40,000 yen): 4 PLOOTA bodies & 2 CO 2 cartridges
· EUR 800 (approx. 100,000 yen): 10 PLOOTA main body & 10 CO 2 cartridges & T-shirt
· 4000 Euro (about 500,000 yen): PLOOTA body 50 pieces
· 8000 euro (about 1 million yen): PLOOTA body 100 pieces
It has become. If you apply from Japan you will need 12 euro as a shipping cost separately.

The contribution deadline of PLOOTA is 1:59 on June 23, 2017.

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