A boat that remodeled a sports car that somehow was made of bashout work

It is a boat made by remodeling a sports car. It looks as though the car is running on the water, so it seems to doubt your eyes for a moment.

It seems that this boat was exhibited at the Internet auction "eBay", but it seems that it did not meet the lowest bid price whether there was a problem with the quality.

Details are from the following.
This is a boat built by remodeling sports cars. Something like a car just got on the boat.

Looking from behind like this. It seems that the trunk part is cut out and the motor for the boat is attached there.

If you see only here, you will not be able to see it like a boat.

Front part.

The driver's seat is like this. It is fairly dirty.

She seems to be quite used.

Although it seems that the car seems to be running over the water when floating on water, unfortunately it seems that I can not run on land.

I got up from 100 dollars (about 9000 yen) at the start of the auction to 1,500 dollars (about 130 thousand yen), but it seems that the deal was not approved because I did not reach the lowest bid price.
Custom Built Car Boat / Boat Car Saab Convertible: eBay Motors

How much was the lowest winning bid price?

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