Turn iPhone / iPad / iPod into multi-touchable trackpad "TRiCKtrac"

It is mainstream to operate on PC with touch pad attached to mouse or laptop PC, but change iPhone, iPad · iPod to a multi-touchable trackpad and tap / swipe operation on PC with touch screen · It is possible to do with pinch out "TRiCKtrac"is.

TRiCKtrac - Indiegogo

The movie is from the following.

TrickTrac 8 24 - YouTube

The iPad screen when using it as a track pad looks like this.

At the time of use, there is a tool bar in the upper right of the screen, there is an operation place in the middle, the file area appears when you touch the edge at the bottom of the screen.

By using TRiCKtrac, it is possible to manipulate all operations such as clicking and dragging and dropping, which had been done with the mouse on the PC, with all fingers.

Tap to select a file ......

Display the image file on the PC screen ......

You can expand it by swiping.

The TRiCKtrac software is built into this iTooth.

Normally, Bluetooth connection on iPhone or iPad is used when playing back audio such as headphones, and data transfer is impossible, but iTooth allows data transfer between i device and PC by simply plugging in USB port of PC I will.

So, when moving files from the iOS side to the PC side, you can do it easily by lugging and dropping the desired file from the file area at the bottom of the screen.

Conversely, it is also possible to transfer the file from the desktop on the PC side to the iOS side.

It was Jason Giddings who made TRiCKtrac.

In addition to TRiCKtrac, Jason GiddingsTransparent glass multi-touch keyboard & mouseWe are making various devices. By the way, the glass keyboard seems to be nearing completion, so that KickStarterThe movie is up..

TRiCKtrac is currently recruiting investment, if you issue $ 45 (about 3,500 yen) you can get one iTooth (with TRiCKtrac Basic software), and if you increase the investment amount you get iTooth with TRiCKtrac Plus Or

You can also make it a set with plus bamboo iPhone / iPad case plus. The following is an iPhone case.

The side is like this.

The case for iPad is here.

The deadline is 23:59 on October 5 in local time.

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