I tried to eat it by actually making "Naniwa style meat soy bean curd" which is completed in only 5 minutes

After work finished, I got hungry and came home, I want to eat rice quickly, but I got tired of instant food! At the time we add tofu and it is completed in 5 minutes and the food that can be eaten immediately is released from Nippon Ham "Naniwa style wind meaty tofu"is. What exactly is meat soup tofu? So, I actually made it and tried it.

Nippon Ham - Smiley rice -

The material is "Naniwa style meat soy bean curd" which is on sale from Nippon Ham, but only one tofu, but if you have green onions and eggs it means that it is even more tasty, this time plus green onion and eggs too.

This is Naniwa style meaty tofu.

Also in the package is the word "tofu added for 5 minutes".

Inside there is a bag containing meat written as "ingredients" and a bag of "soup stock".

The way to make it is to put "ingredients" and "dashi soup" in a pot containing 400 cc of water and sprinkle for 1 to 2 minutes on a high fire, and add tofu, leeks and eggs when boiled, and heat it for 3 minutes at medium heat.

This "Naniwa-style meaty tofu" itself is one meal 111 kilocalories, and further calories such as tofu are added to this.

So we will make it at once. First, cut silk tofu into roughly 3 cm square.

Turn onion slantingly.

Next, put a soup stock into a pot containing 400 cc of water.

We also introduced meat as a ingredient.

The inside of the pot is like this.

2 minutes to put on high heat, if hot water boils ......

With onega ......

I will introduce tofu.

I also add eggs.

Leave it to the pot and simmer with medium heat. And after 3 minutes ...

It was completed in no time.

Soup of bonito often listens, soup with taste and sweetness while assassing, resembling something 's taste ...., I think so,Udon.WikipediaAccording to the udon noodles located in the thousands of days before meatA thousandThe birthplace, a customer who wanted to eat lightly because of a hangover ordered "meat udon, udon free", and the shopkeeper of the previous generation responded that it began. By the way, there is a thousand shops menu "Mei Sui" instead of "meat sucking", it seems that there is a popular menu with a legend that sellers can sell.

That is why the meat is udonaki meat udon, "meat sushi", but the meat that was included as "ingredient" is sliced ​​to a large extent and the feeling of "meat!" Is firmly healthy.

Silkoshi tofu will also enter as soon as possible.

I made it on time on the back of the package and the eggs were also pretty good.

At present, it is meaty that there are various ways to eat, such as a sukiyaki style, an egg basket style, a standard style "meat sushi tofu" which a bonito soupy has worked was just born from a hangover of customers, it is easy to eat it , Volume is also born by adding tofu · egg · leek, so it is best as a side dish when there is no time to cook.

The meat soup tofu is 2 servings, but once the cooked one is warmed again in the range, there was no such thing as the egg hardening, so you can eat deliciously again if you leave it unable to eat.

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