"This product is not a food promising your longevity" It is written biddingly written Nissin "Bakufu Longevity Noodle" Taste Review

Instant noodles that are active in everywhere as emergency food as a meal not to be cooked, as an eating meal, or as a lifeline for living alone, as an emergency food in case of emergency. It seems that the world consumes 100 billion meals a year. It was the founder of Nissin Foods that created thisMomofuku AndoMr. This year marks the 100th anniversary of birth by being born on March 5, 1910.

In commemoration of this 100th birthday of Ando Momofukusa, NissinSelling chicken noodles in one bag "35 yen" at that timeIn addition to that, he sold "Momofukusa longevity noodle" which was obsessed with Ando Momofuku's longevity living until 96 years old, so I bought it and tried it. Can we live longer?

Details are as below.
Chicken noodles (35 bags per bag) and cup noodles (1 piece 100 yen) which were sold at the price at the time of sale, two types of "Momofuku Longevity noodles".

Left is "Momofuku longevity noodles chicken, salt ramen", Right is"Momofuku longevity noodle duck soba". It is 170 yen (tax excluded) each.

"This product is not a food promising your longevityThere was a notice of that. Certainly, it is not amusing even if there is a person who holds such expectation with this name.

Looking at the raw material, it feels like a normal cup ramen, a chicken with salt ramen.

Likewise, it feels like normal buckwheat noodle soba.

I will take out the liquid soup and so on of the contents.

Then I will open the milk on the noodles. The point of "Fuku" mark is a point.

This is Soba.

Pouring hot water, ramen is completed in 4 minutes and soba in 3 minutes.

Ramen says that if you do not try to put liquid soup in it after loosening the noodles it will set. As a feature, it was said that the noodles are long and 100 cm long, but it certainly was felt hard to eat indeed as long as this. The surface is slippery, it is not like Chinese noodles and it looks like somehow. The soup was as smooth as it contained the fat content and the taste of the chicken appeared and it did not get tired of it. Equipment does not have presence of egg, just looks. The part like a chicken scissors was delicious, so I wanted to increase the volume a bit more.

I tried to extend soba noodles. Compared to chopsticks, it certainly is long.

Soba is a soup that makes you feel the taste of soup firmly, unlike soy sauce soup that is common in instant noodles. The exquisite variety of meat and leek of the ingredients, compatibility with the soup was outstanding. It is not limited edition of Ando Momofuku's 100 years birth, but it is a product I'd like you to seriesify by all means.

This is a familiar cup noodle. With 100 years birth specification, the price is 100 yen at the time of sale, the others are the same as usual.

As usual the amount of ingredients.

Cup noodles were developed in 1971, and the 1972 "Asama sanso case"The state of eating cup noodles whose ice crews are rising steam was telecasted and demonstrated a big publicity effect.

And, the monument rumor of instant noodles history, chicken noodles.

It was sold at 35 yen per bag which is the price at the time of release.

Introduction of Ando Momofukusu.

Who invented the delicious way to eat eggs on top?

The left is Ando Momofuku's 100th anniversary specification, right is the usual thing.

Of course, the materials are the same.

So I tried to make eggs on top of it.

Fluffy white meets nothing. Depending on the person, there may be people who prefer hard to the yolks, or that eggs should not soak in soup. Chicken ramen itself is not attached quickly, but it may be simple is best.

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