"What is a Japanese man is 90% ninety-nine dollar?" Talking about "Dora" creator Iwasaki Natsuhi, what is the secret to aiming at the thorough million seller?

"If a high school baseball girls manager reads Drucker's "management"Author of "Hatena VillageThenHackleThat super-famous as thatNatsumi IwasakiMr""Dora" × secret for aiming at CEDEC million-sellerLet's give a lecture titled "CEDEC 2012I did it.

Yasuyuki Saitoh (hereinafter referred to as "Qi"):
Hello everyone. Today we are visiting Mr. Iwasaki Natsumi who wrote the big bestselling "Dora".

I would like to hear stories along this agenda. "The method of putting Dora in entertainment, the strategy that made up the content that reached 2.7 million copies, and the message to everyone involved in the game industry," I do not have to play the game to make a game " I hope to expand the story from keywords that you care about, "I must understand from concepts". Then, I would like to join in the main subject. Thank you. First of all, I would like to briefly tell you how to put the dora in the entertainment, how to raise the hard subject of Drucker's "management" to entertainment.

Iwasaki Natsumi (hereinafter rock):
I'm Natsumi Iwasaki. Nice to meet you. I will tell you step by step, I am. I like to find out how good a work was born. When a good work mega hit, I liked to see what the producer did.

In general, the common thing is the success story that everyone is laughing, being fooled, being not made to oppose everyone, but realizing it later. When I realized that it was such a thing, I knew that it was important to create a huge hit work after all, that the mental attitude of the person making that work is important. Steve Jobs and I think that everyone was laughing at the starting point. The start is almost like that, on the contrary it is good to start from that state. First of all, I will make a goal that I believe. The idea was to first make a book that could sell 2 million copies.

That goal was first, we counted back from it and thought how we could achieve 2 million copies. When thinking so, books that can sell roughly 2 million copies are limited, and as one example, "An elephant that fulfills a dreamThere was. About 2.7 million copies at that time were sold. Or "Homeless middle school student"There were about 2 million copies of the book written by Kirin's Tamura selling, and it turned out that it is not necessarily impossible to say that 2 million copies, so we started back calculations from there It is. The thing that is common to "Elephant Elephant" or "Homeless Junior High School Student" is that the writer is an unknown author. Because I was also unknown, it was a situation where an unknown writer could sell. In addition, as a trend of the world, Professor Kawashima's "Brain Train" was popular as it gained knowledge and useful things. I was in the entertainment industry for many years thinking that there would be something to appeal if I could combine such a story with a story.

Regardless of the game industry, one iron rule in the content industry, a safe and iron plate thing is a 17 year old girl. An aunt who is 18 years old, a pedophile if he is 16 years old. I was wondering why a 17 - year - old girl is an iron plate, but as a result of thinking variously, a Japanese man is 90% nine - minute pedophile. That's why I love girls around the age of 13, but my self-restrained heart will work if I do not say it. If it is a junior high school student, it will be a terrible crime, and even high school students will be a crime, but there is a time when the stoppers are out. That's why I thought that I was 17 years old as an iron plate, so I decided to make a 17-year old girl the main character. At that time, the movie "Da Vinci Code" was popular. I am only talking about fashion, but I analyze everything why it's popular in the world. When analyzing "Da Vinci Code", after all, one of the trendy is knowledgeable. We know about knowledge hidden in Leonardo da Vinci or knowledge of history and so on. I think that the fusion of knowledge and entertainment is a factor hit by "Da Vinci Code."

Because I was narrowing down to make a 17 - year - old girl the main character, I searched for a foreign thing as to whether my 17 - year - old was not intertwined. What I often hear after issuing a book is often asked with surprise that "I used to bind Drucker and school girls well." However, it is not a serious story when you make a seed. Besides, I did not link girls high school student to Drucker separately, I joined Dragker to high school girls, so they are reversed. I am talking about in various interviews when searching for heterogeneous things, but when doing "Final Fantasy XI", I will not ask the members who played together, promise me I have experienced many times that I will not protect. When I was worried about being able to put together members, it happened that I wrote a member of the members by reading a book of Drucker on a player blog. Since it was quite interesting, when I went to a bookstore and read Drucker, I thought it was content that should be tied to a 17 - year - old girl.

Do you know that there is a prototype that becomes the source of the drama that Mitani Koki makes. I changed hands, change items, and make only one prototype. The prototype of all works by Yuki Mitani is "Ganbare BearsWhat is it? A transformationist appeared on a bad team and it is not a nice guy, but it seems that everyone's motivation flashes, and finally the mighty enemies are beaten at the end, while awaiting. So I thought that "Gambare Bears" has tremendous power as a prototype, and one day I thought that I would also make something of "Ganbare Bears" as a prototype. Next, when I read Drucker's "management", I thought that it would be fun if the manager's word was written and a manager of a high school baseball thinking at that manager read "management". So I got a title linking Drucker and school girls. When the title was decided, I was going to make "Ganbare Bears" as a prototype, so the story was decided. That is the prototype of "Dora".

I think that you could understand, I am a nerd how to make a research how to make it, how to make it exactly what it was made, naming the law somehow as a rule, and applying it officially, "Dora" is.

Thank you very much. Analyzed things like being fashionable by knowledge and desire, and formally apply it to make it. There were lots of things that are close to us and something to be helpful.

I am really a game otaku. In the era of the disk system, in the summer of around 1980, I was doing "Mario Golf" about 20 years old. I 'm boasting, but Nintendo was playing a game saying "I will aggregate my score across the country and battle across the country as I take a cartridge to a toy store." So, as the university became free during the summer vacation, I got crazy, I played 4 rounds of 1 round 18 under and submitted it at 72 under. It was probably 33rd. Up to 100th place, the game of punch out got free and I got the disk of gold mario golf USA brilliantly. It is a bit unpleasant college student.

Will you bring it to a toy shop when summer vacation comes out and records are given? When I go to a toy shop, next to a conversation that a child hanging out "How much did it come out" "I got over 2" or "I was ten o'clock," but when a college student's me came, I pretend that elementary school students are talking nastily and come to see my score. When I looked at the score, it was around 56 under, but elementary school students caught them with their mouth open. I thought that I should be impatient and I should not be serious about my child.

"Final Fantasy XI" was a quasi-disabled person and I was idle at work, so I was logged in during the day, but I played about 200 "days" in total for about 20 hours every day. Well, it does not matter. About me, "Do not tell me without knowing the game" 2ch, Twitter, Hatena Bookmark I get comments on scolding encouragement, but that's not it.

There was something I wanted to talk about. After all, do you really want to make a hit work? For example, do you think that you want to handle games that can sell 1 million books with this hand? I think that I would like to make it. There is a way to make it. How to make games that can sell 1 million books. You have to make a monkey a gamer to sell 1 million books. Monkeys are to get hooked. It's time I had to go to school for the time being, I guess it's playing games. She seems to be doing a fight with her mother. Compgacha became a problem, but since compgacha was a mechanism to make it a monkey, it may have been regulated. But there is not only a compgacha but a way to make a man a monkey. Although it is not illegal, it is important to make good things like a mechanism to make it a monkey.

And in order to make that mechanism you need to experience yourself becoming a monkey. But I'm doubtful that I have been awake and I have never been a monkey. For example, even mah-jong can deliberately do it, but I try to do it for a day and a half or for 36 hours in a row. I dropped 50,000 yen and used it in pachinko, ran into ATM to get back, used 50,000 yen to use, used ATM to drop 50,000 yen, that situation I wanted to stop, that situation I want to quit but I can not stop it I think that you can understand something by monkey tasting. Some people make Korean beads or stupid, but when I was a college student I was a pachinko addiction. Unlike the current pachinko machine, it is a very simple and delicious creation, even if it comes to reach, even if it becomes 7, 7, 6 or 7 will come soon and will stop. But even if there is no directing, if you are becoming a monkey 7, 7 when the moment of moment the concentration concentration is very high, the numbers of drums that I can not see usually become clearly visible. I can tell if 7 will come. With this trend, there are also absolutely coming. I get excited as blood rises and it does not understand. After experiencing that, I know that I was a monkey later. If you taste the excitement that became a monkey, seriously, if you discover a method that is not compagate yourself and put it in the game, I think you will definitely stick it.

The viral of the game (word of mouth) is the selling of Mr. Miyamoto of Nintendo, but the important thing is that "the guy who is doing the game seems to be enjoyable." It seems that AKB got widespread, but the idol geek who is going to watch AKB seems to be having too much fun, and is drawn to the situation talking about AKB. I can not decide if the girls who showed me the photos are cute or singing good. That friend seems to be having too much fun, too, it's becoming a monkey. Observing such situations from the side, I'm interested almost unconsciously. Viral is not spread because it recommends friends by friends.

Everyone, I think that I'm thinking about being interesting. In general, the questionnaire requires customer satisfaction and smile. But, if I think that person is interesting, I will lose. Or if you make me smile, I will lose. Have everyone go to Disneyland once and observe the face of the customers in Disneyland. There are many women. I want you to look at the face of the lady, what kind of face do you have? As for what kind of face you are facing, I am having a big smile, a smile full of faces, and I am having a lot of fun. Please listen to their conversation. They say "It's fun" "I'm glad I came" "I do not want to come again." It is almost the average figure of girls.

Meanwhile, there are customers who do not smile on a counter-electrode basis. It is an infant. Please look at Mickey Mouse and the face when taking a picture. I do not show my teeth at all, I stare at the face of Mickey Mouse. I have a serious look. Even if my mouth rips, I do not say "funny". Why does the girl say "I do not want to come again" because I just came because it is boring, I just raised the tension for a long time. I came between girls and was surprisingly boring. I really wanted to come with my boyfriend, but I can not. I came with a boyfriend without a boyfriend. It is boring, but it is boring unless it is excavated here, and I'm glad that I'm glad that you came "I'm glad you came" and it is exciting to show me a smile.

When it comes to a really interesting state, a state of being enthusiastic with humans, I do not show a smile and I do not feel interesting. It is important to aim for that situation. Everyone is missing goal setting.

Thank you very much. I became a game monkey too. At the time I fought against the street fighter and lost and lost, I was selling important books when I had no money. I think that I think that I could sympathize because everyone think that they have such experiences. Next, I would like to ask about "Dora" strategy.

About 8 years ago, on a day off on Empty Birthday no new publication, a bookstore was queued for the bookstore. I asked the store clerk what the queue is made of. An answer "I can have a queue every year on this day" is returned. It is Christmas gifts, grandpa and dad bought books. I wrapped it for gifts, so a queue was made.

It was written in the book of Drucker that "catch the true customer". Who buys a book for high school students is a parent. Because it is a book of children, it is easy to buy, I want children to read books, and if possible read books to study. Therefore, I thought that I had to target my parents. I noticed that parents want to give children a great book to sell. I think that it is the first time in publishing history that there is a person who wants to present a book potentially, but I prescribed a book as a gift and designed it. I think that this also applies to the world of the game. Elementary school students play games because parents can not buy primary school students, so parents buy it. If so, I think that it is the "brain train" of Professor Kawashima who is the game that parents want to make children. Parents are happy if they give and rejoice. This is one strategy of Dora.

I was curious as to whether TV advertisements of GREE and Mobage in the last 4 or 5 years are doing because they have enough money, but when the advertising agency looked it up, I was watching TV the moment I entered TVCM What people do is seem to check smartphones · mobile phones. At that time, when the CM flows "game free, search somehow", it seems to come in.

Understanding what exactly everyone is doing, hitting a CM there, it is a splendid example. Next, when Mr. Iwasaki was doing a broadcasting writer about "I do not have to do a game to make a game", there was a time when I saw TV but I did not think that a hit work produced I was able to do, please ask about that point.

To make things after all is to call it Pakle. It is not a voyeuristic copy copy, it is an intuition or a trick, pulling it out of action and replacing it. I think that it applies to how to make a novel when conceptually unraveling real experiences such as pachinko. That worked fine. If you are looking for the kind of game, there is only place except the game. It is an idea that I do not have time to play games if I understand it. I do not actually read books. Mr. Hayao Miyazaki was saying, but now the animator producer can only draw the sky of animation, because it will become an animator by looking at the sky of animation, it is not fun because the real sky can not be drawn. I think the same thing can be said to the game industry. I am thinking that TV games are interesting and making games. Because the origin is similar, there is no dynamic expansion. Or, I do not have originality or originality. Therefore, you'd better go to cabaret club. I think that what you are doing like a monkey is a hint. I think that there are many hints if filling the day with things other than games.

Thank you very much. Finally, a word to everyone in the game industry, everyone who gathered.

It was how we fought in the platform so far, but now that the platform is out of bounds, it is a situation you have to think about yourself from the concept of the platform itself. It's tough but, in other words, it's a chance. If we can think and provide our own platform, we are about to come back to the times when games sold by individuals like 20 and 30 years ago can sell 1 million copies and 2 million copies. It seems that Pokemon sold 200,000 books in the first week. People who made Pokemon heard that and thought "I'm going to head". I do not envy of that kind of thing, I think that it would be nice if I aimed at that kind of thing.

Thank you very much for today.

Thank you very much.

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