"Believe tens of millions of people 's data than individuals' sense, this is how to make GREE

"We are keeping in mind the game design that does not rely too much on sensitivity", "Produce to overturn the methodology of making games so far, including planning and development, doing analysis and analysis of business strategies, etc." Taking a systemGREEHow do they make products that boast of top selling in a number of ways?

At the CEDEC 2011 conference for Japan's largest game developers, while GREE compares with the method in the game machine industry so far,How to make sales ranking No. 1 product"I gave a lecture on the prospects for the future of social games.

In the past, the lecturer worked on front mission series, FF series, etc. Toshiro Tsuchida who left Square Enix this year and joined GREE, and masterpiece of social game "Fishing ★ StarMr. Takashi Kishida who tried the product manager of "Mr. Kishida." I will introduce the whole contents of this dense lecture.

Thank you for coming to our session today. Today I would like to talk about GREE 's social game titled' How to make a sales ranking No. 1 product '. First of all, I will introduce myself.

I am Kishida, who is the general manager of Social Application Japan in the development department. I joined Gree Corporation about two years ago, firstsocial gameI did the product manager of "Fishing ★ Star" and "Monster"We are currently engaged in the supervision and supervision of in-house products.

I also belong to the Media Business Headquarters. I have a long career and a year too, but I have been involved in the development of games for two years since I got a job and, as I realize I feel like I'm making games for over 20 years, When I thought that something like game design is something, when I saw GREE's session last year at CEDEC, I joined GREE in March this year thought that it was here It was.

First of all, I would like to explain from Kishida about the environment surrounding us, and how GREE has progressed over the last six months in that environment.

First of all, I would like to explain the trend of the social application market.

Here we are working in the social application market, and the market has expanded significantly in the last year, and it is expected that the market will grow by 170 billion yen this year, 200 billion yen next year, and so on It is done.

In addition, I think that you are familiar with the fact that there are major changes in the game market as well, but I think that social games reversed sales of home video game consoles at Konami is also happening now I will.

As an example of further pushing the social market, the smartphone market is expanding on a global scale. Regarding here, it is expected that it will further grow significantly in 3 years, and it is supposed to be a chance and make a game with GREE.

Specifically, GREE would like to explain what we have been working on for the last six months, but before that, we will explain what we have done on December 7, 2010IVSIn the event that, Tanaka of the president "Five years later, I started the smartphone business based on the premise that GREE's business will be zero as the current market of garage is goneAs you said, from here we are making a big smartphone strategy and switching from now that GREE's business model of now is largely attributable to zero.

Within the past half year from the feature phones to smartphones, under the direction that all products will be transferred, we are taking action quickly and are currently doing product development. As of the end of June 2011, transplantation was almost completed for all in-house products, and when we released it from July to September it was momentum beyond expectation. I feel a big change inside the company and I think that I should introduce these things.

One example as a change in the smartphone market, this is the sales ranking in the AppStore, about half of what is on the top is a social game. "Exploration DorirandoRegardless, it has been a while since the release, but it is almost the first place ever.

I would like to compare the needs of games on smartphones and feature phones with the needs of home game machines. It will be a sales image of both feature phones and smartphones, but I think that the No.1 content managed for one year is the same size as console game of roughly several million classes.

'Exploration Dorirando' is currently in operation only in Japan, and this scale has been achieved in the domestic and Japanese markets. Millions of game machines are numbers that can only be achieved worldwide, so I think that there is still a possibility even though we think about it.

Also, I think that it will cost money to make console games. I think that it is actually that there are projects that took 6 billion or 7 billion or actually took 10 billion, even if you look at the net etc actually.

I am conscious that we are able to make games of the scale feeling that it is like shouldering with consoles with various risks in such a form.

Regarding how you plan and develop such No.1 product, I think that Kishida will first explain from organization name.

I hope to introduce from three axes as "How to make sales ranking No. 1 product" from here. The first is "organization of social games", the second is "social game planning", and the third is "GREE thinking" the future of social games ".

The first point is "Organization of social games", I am considering "vertical integration type skill set" as a big element here. As for what this is, in the game industry "Horizontal division of labor" type, I think whether people who have specialty each covers their respective areas, is making games.

In GREE, "vertical integration type", in addition to planning and development, as well as conducting all group work in such a way that several areas of engineers and directors can cover each area, analysis and business It is to go hand-in-hand with strategies.

The reason why such an organization is called is that the social game market is still very fluid and must be developed with a sense of speed, and each one does not really make each other's area, and in various places It is because we place emphasis on where we will respond. Therefore, it is a team structure that makes it easy to realize new challenges and speed feelings.

The second point, about the place called "small number of people" is explained specifically by "exploration Dolyland", but it is based on "to maximize the speed of decision making", and speed is reduced by a small number of people I am doing that I feel a sense.

It is about 5 to 7 years, team structure within 10 years, because it is because we want to minimize the cost of communication. And with field-based principles, basically decisions are left to PM (project manager), so if you work at the site's discretion. The result is judged by the result, and it is doing.

However, such a team of professionals is going to follow data such as mining data of each project team and skills of infrastructure. We make basic framework and library for skill sets that are common to multiple products, we are making engineering easy-to-use mechanisms, and we are creating a system that does not reproduce the same things.

You can make speed feeling with such a combination,. It is a system that maximizes individual capabilities that grows as a service and is also easy to grow as individuals.

This is about porting to the smartphone as explained earlier, but about 1 product for about each product is made for about 1 month. If it is recent, "Explore Dolyland" is about 3 weeks with one engineer. I am thinking very much with such quality and speed, and I think that I have been able to advance at a fast pace.

The third point is "data driven approach". As for what is said here, it is said that regarding images and data, it is not simply such as "picture is beautiful" or "cool", but rather that it believes in the tens of millions of people's data than the individual's sense Approach. Regardless of how beautiful the image is, we are seeking data of tens of millions of users and we are trying to make "game design that does not rely too much on sensitivity" in making a prototype game model I will.

Specifically, what you are doing is to repeat the four steps of "Plan (plan) → Do (execute) → Check (evaluation) → Act (improvement)"PDCA cycleIt is thorough. First of all, we will clarify at the planning stage what kind of indicator we plan to improve. Furthermore, at this stage I will show clearly which parameter changes to what extent by this project.

As a part that corresponds to Do (execution), I actually release it. After that, I checked and checked what percentage of the assumed value changed, I checked my planning accuracy and the place "I was accepted to the expected mass" every time and raised the planning accuracy individually . This raises the quality and service quality of each product.

In particularData MiningThere is a tool called "GREE Analytics", which tells user's trends on a monthly or daily basis, even hours. For example, when releasing an event at eleven o'clock, even if it differs by 1 hour from the assumed value, we can immediately modify the planning and blurring to make it possible to introduce new projects and correct game balance. In other words, it is "a system that can always turn PDCA on time in real time".

And as we are progressing with data driven type, we are also working on social games in various ways, so we have accumulated some know-how. They are "socialFramework"We have summarized them internally, and we call it with some names given to the models we have accumulated, but there are several such things.

Even in the case of creating a new policy basically, by combining such a framework, for example, it is possible to model how customers draw attraction target, such model as profit, how the product colors this time I am trying to approach and approach new measures.

Furthermore, we are constantly building a new social framework, and as I said earlier, I am building an analysis just for "what target user" and "what kind of indicator is raised as a framework". I will look at the main point of "Whether it can be used only for that product", "Can it be used for other products", "How much can it be generalized"?

As we are considering that the number of such frameworks leads to the physical fitness of the company, the new measures, the speed of the new product, and since it has been advanced with a sense of pitting, it will continue to accumulate in the future I want to do it.

Once you put it together, I think that it will become the place of social game organization "three vertically integrated skill sets", "few elite team" and "data driven approach" centered on social framework.

So, I explained about the development organization supporting one title of GREE now, but since I have worked in a place that has always been referred to as the game machine industry, I applied it to the developers of the game industry I know and think about it I think that it seems.

I think that there was a story that there are many division of labor in the explanation from Kishida earlier, but I think that this is what actually happens. I think that it is a form taken when I thought about raising efficiency to the highest while the game became more complicated and advanced.

However, when it is whether it is effective in the future game market, we have found the strength in the vertically integrated type skill set as before.

"What about those who are doing a very professional approach in the division of labor for specific categories that are now in the division of labor", but I think that it is ok to be a strength.

I think that it is useless to make a frame. By striking a framework such as "I am special in this, I will not do anything else" or "You are specialized in this, so please only do this work", if you normally extend to a vertically integrated skill In addition, we think that we should be able to take advantage of our specialty fields, but we think that it is a matter of mindset that we will rather close down.

Next, it is about a few elite, but when it comes to actual story, a few, it becomes elite. After all, the responsibility to come to each person becomes heavier, and the speed feeling becomes very fast.

As I said earlier, the PM of the project has considerable authority and responsibility, so various things will be decided in the conversation with PM. And there is a commitment that does not depend on age and position, and in fact people with high commitment are getting steadily increasing in opinion even in people in the mid-20s who are in their 20s.

So, if I become more responsible, I think that I will become more elite in the game industry. Of course I think that there is a need to have it on our own.

Finally, with the data driven approach and the game development for game machines, I thought that I entered, but if I do not understand and incorporate such an approach, it will not perish as a game creator anymore Well, for a moment this is an exciting way of saying, I think.

However, on top of that, what we are doing development for gaming machines now is "sense" or "past experience" that you really live if you understand this , I think so.

I would like Kishida to explain the data driven type game design I talked about, what kind of thing is about this.

So, I think that the plan of social game will talk about recently how to do it.

First of all, at our company, we are promoting "attracting customers", "revitalization" and "monetization" with all the products in terms of the three major planning models.

What does this mean? Users are gathering on "attracting customers". The system that the user continues to use "activation" next. Moreover, it is a mechanism that revenues continue to rise in "monetization"It is important that "the mechanism the user keeps on"I think.

Although this is the system that actually goes or shows as an indicator, "attracting customers" is a means to gather new users. This is an example of the supermarket, but if it is a promotion, new customers will be acquired aiming at the effect of the word-of-mouth in the place where new discount flyers are issued in newspaper advertisements and commercials etc. to acquire new customers and improve branding.

With regard to "activation", we asked the visitors who came to visit once more to come to us by "a mechanism that allows us to visit again", "a mechanism to further increase the rate of continuation" and "a mechanism to prevent withdrawal" Or, I think that there are examples such as creating a mechanism that allows the point service program to continuously come and even building a motivation to come by time sale.

With respect to "monetization", it will be called "increase in charged users" or "increase in ARPU (average per user revenue)", but for example, we will create a mechanism that makes it easier to purchase by devising a display method, I am thinking that raising motivation for purchase will be raised momentarily.

All such things such as planning model and business model are put in numerical model. For example, although it is an advertisement, I will look at the "inflow rate" of how much it flowed into my title from the number of GREE users. This is the parameter of "attracting customers".

Next, I'm taking a "login rate" as to whether the user who started the game actually logs in every day, and this is an intermediate indicator of "activation". Furthermore, as an intermediate indicator of "monetization", as a process of "monetize" the two parameters of the ratio charged by the logged-in user and the extent to which money (= ARPU) was used, as a whole this 4 It is a form that I always see one index.

Always keep in mind that these "when projects come out, we visualize business models in relation to each other" in our company in all models.

More specifically, I will explain what the "attraction model" is doing.

The attraction model is "promotion" and "ViralWe will introduce with two keywords. First of all, it is "attraction model". This is a concept making that can be accepted by 15 million people, I have been thinking these three products for a long time.

For example, although it is "fishing ★ star", the rule is "common fishing" with a common general rule, and how much we can communicate in Japan, 15 million people actually do it, but the mass We are headed towards motifs.

Furthermore, when it is "Clinopet", it says "keep pets". This is 18 million people. In gardening's "Hakoniwa", we are selecting a motif that is easier to accept as a mass because horticulture artificiality is 40 million people.

After that, I intentionally do it by choosing a motif that makes it easy to enter as a first consciousness by choosing a motif that can distinguish what kind of rule by just listening intuitively.

As another customer acquisition model, I think that "inviting friends to play games" is very important. There will be situations that require coins, items, etc. in the game, so by creating a scheme that you can play with "inviting" there, invite your friends more "Invitation Spiral" that we can go forward.

Although shown on the right here is the event "King monster" in the example, although it is called "exploration dollyland" below. Based on these motifs, you can also improve your motivation to defeat the King monster with friends in the game, even invite your invitation spiral in the game, such as inviting friends and playing together We are. We invite you to invite friends, set your consciousness in the game, and then turn your friends' invite spiral.

As a specific numerical model of these things also, how much the invitation flew as expected from the number of users who accounted on the day, and how many users sent the invitation further to the invitation Whether it diffused to the actual game model and such a numerical model, we are doing in situ measurement.

Ultimately there is a registered UU (unique user), but when these intermediate orientations model the game, the point to check whether the game's production and model match properly It has become.

Continued is a model of "activation". I would like to introduce with two keywords "cycle design" and "user communication".

First is "Cycle Design", but in the game cycle, I will talk about this in the example of "Fishing ★ Star" easily. The first small cycle is called "fishing", but this is a pattern of fishing fish, a result screen comes out and collecting it, among them the sense of accomplishment in one cycle Directing becomes very important.

As these cycles repeat, it is important to know what can be achieved next as an intermediate milestone in the fishing cycle, and what kind of things can be achieved as a goal.

In fact, "Fishing ★ Star" means that something goes up, getting the title in the small, middle cycle place, or if you have a big cycle, you will compile all the fish, but during that time the milestone Setting becomes very important. For example, although it is shown at the bottom, there is an event called "Season fish".

I have also specified such a milestone setting as the initial game balance, but in some cases the milestones do not necessarily work, so in that case I can make it from another step below each milestone.

For example, in the case of seasonal fish, "It can be enjoyed by only 4 animals", it is in the shape that the achievement point is dropped in front. Everyone makes a milestone easy to go up to the top with a system of events and goes through cycles.

Even with such a game model, we are actually doing the cycle, short term, medium term, long term, and building things such as desire and sense of accomplishment in an appropriate place.

More important is communication between users, this is an example of a service called "Mongura".

First of all, it starts from "to visit friends". I can play there, but I am setting to be able to promote that the parameter "Natsuku" is raised by playing, the value is attached to communication and motivation to communicate more ... ....

In addition, regarding the recipient, we are doing nothing to display only the text that comes to play, but to maximize the effect that we went to play more by visualizing with the image.

The reason for thinking about such things is not to sell services unilaterally from us but to those who arrive in the form of "notifications from friends" will also have the effect of retention (the meaning of maintaining and retaining human resources) It is a lot, and the user is also interested in that person. In order to loop this cycle, we add value to communication and do emotions as images. And I think that turning this cycle all the way leads to vital communication and brings the greatest retention effect.

We also have numerical model indices on here as well. Among the day, the ratio of "how many users came to visit", "how many times the user who went to play has played," "how much the user has spread," and " Have you logged in again from there? "The re-login rate makes it visible whether the introduction cycle is properly on board.

And furthermore it is a model of "monetization".

Here are two keywords. One is "convincingly failing dramatic change" and the other is "maximizing the desire for network effect self-manifestation".

There are several services here, but for example in "exploration Dorirando" it gives a very regret feeling in the place "I lose to the monster". So, for example, you can feel a dramatic change such as "You act like this, you can get a strong card and defeat it" and become more fun by buying fighting power ....

For example, in "Fishing ★ Star", in the scene of failure, I will make a suggestion "What kind of fish is not enough to fish because the power of the fishing tool is not enough now" and how to further solve it . That's why I'm doing things like raising my motivation for billing by running a fee based on the actual mistake and going up one step up where I actually charge for it and charge it "I tried it."

The thing to notice here is to properly direct that "it makes sense to fail" or to show the failure screen properly. And I want to purchase items that are actually looking and changeable, so I am paying attention to process setting. Although I will make fine game balance properly, of course, I think that it is very important to say "I will make billing opportunities properly" for the time being.

The other point is to maximize self-revealment by network effect, first explain this basic, but there are three layers, "light", "middle" and "heavy" layer. First of all, what is this method of division? First, the "light" layer is almost a non-charged layer. And more than "middle" layer is supposed to be a charger.

Although I think that the purpose and the satisfaction point to play are different from each other, first of all, the heavy layer is "to be able to shorten time and be strongly strong by charging", and "to be stronger than honor and others It is a user who puts a great emphasis on "getting used".

The light layer is free of charge and is a user who wishes to enjoy it for a while, for that, go with the heavy layer and achieve yourself as well. I am thinking that there is a part such as attracting customers by the role mutually played by setting so that it can go beyond milestones.

Actually, the light layer realizes the event with the help of the heavy layer, and furthermore the heavy layer benefits from helping the light layer to feel motivation, each other has merit. With services that have more users, it will be more honorable to reach the top, so the rate of return will rise steadily with the spiral and furthermore the service itself will get excited more and more so that profitability and attractiveness It is doing to make a spiral of.

For that purpose, we will do such things as, for example, "cooperate and advance events" and "events that try to compete and become number 1". Once we have summarized it, we have explained explanation with three keywords, "attracting customers", "activation" and "monetization" with two keywords, game design and social design, respectively.

Here I would like to explain with the difference between the social game and the game design I've come up with so far.

The biggest difference is modeling game design and framing.

It is the effect of modeling and frameworking, but one is SPEED. Do not start planning with zero base. The point is to "adapt to such a framework" and "start with the framework". That is, there is basically a conversation that "This game should fall in this way when it is adapted to this framework", basically there is a conversation, "How many kinds of frameworks do you use and how to use it" will proceed.

Another is POLISH. "Success stories will further tune and strengthen one success case". There is one framework and suppose that the game using this framework has achieved some success. However, as to whether or not it was demonstrating it to the utmost maximum, if a new service raises some achievement that it can further activate and acquire customers using the framework, it says "Its that using the same framework What is the difference between the two contents? "And the framework will be adjusted and strengthened.

And ADVANCE. If someone thinks of a new game model and the idea succeeds, it will be added as a new framework. This is the same story as I said from Kishida earlier, but I think that this will be a power for company planning. That is to say that it can be realized in a short time with a sense of speed by being framed at the same time as "how much knowledge is accumulated about game design" and "how much content can be produced" think.

Regarding the difference in the case compared with the game industry, as for the tendency to seek novelty, since it is established in the place where there is a framework, the trend of possibly seeking novelty is that the game design style of the game industry is It may be a little more.

It's just starting from the point that "I played this game before, but it was fun here," and there is a possibility that a new framework will be born from there. So I definitely would like to create a framework for the experience of the game industry, or I think that it should be possible to use it with a feeling that "This can not be used for social?"

In terms of opportunity, I know GREE only as a social game company, but GREE thinks that there is a good chance in that sense. As I said earlier, frameworks are shared so everyone can use it after all.

"This is such a model" "I think that this part is insufficient" when I saw the data that "This model will achieve such a result by doing this" If you hit such a measure using this framework These achievements have gone up ... All the progress such as ... ... is on the wiki. You can freely see it and use it for yourself and develop it for your own service. And the result will naturally increase if you achieve results. So I think that there is a chance.

Although I was doing about goal setting and improvement by the data driven type design, though my experience is that the game design I've been doing in the game industry has always been sensuous or something like life feeling It accumulates by experience and it seems to be "It falls around here if you think about this area in general."

Although I am able to do it on my own, I think that there was inevitably a part where the game design became an adult, such as difficult to tell it when thinking to tell people.

On the other hand, if "why the function is necessary" is clarified, it is said that whether the user gathers, whether the user gathers by activating the measure or incorporating the idea of ​​the project, or whether the user is activated or profitable It is possible to talk about the numerical value which is influenced ... .... now, "how many users are coming in everyday" and how the change will appear in the future.

This means that the words really used at the business level and used by those who talk about the project's projects are the same as the words used by those making individual projects at the site. I feel the way of culture, the framework of penetrating game design, and the view of its achievements.

The rest is the actual result. Decide the indicator to judge whether there was an effect, and set the target numerical value there. The point is that, for example, if it is effective for attracting customers, how much effect it is, how much it is effective, this time the number of customers is daily, but deciding as a numerical target what percentage to increase this strategy is.

And what is the basis for increasing the percentage of why you think "why by what percent?" Is also looking hard for past data. After thinking about measures to the point that there is no mistake, we will take the change when we do it later with daily, awarie. Naturally it will change as long as it has not been reached. I think that "what is the cause?" Of course, since there is a considerable process before actual measures are taken, I think that we will think about what happened in the part that could not be discerned in the thinking process.

Regarding the difference compared with the game industry, when I think about "providing benefits to users", I started with "I want to do such a service" or "I want you to feel this kind of thing" In thinking about, it is not a conviction, since it can improve by following up to the point that "what effect is actually present and it was really conveyed to the customer and it got the effect?", As a result, this I think that the mechanism can provide profits.

The point is that we always see things like "How did the customer really think" and "I do not know how I actually thought, but how did I respond" rather than the thought of a game designer or a single creator .

In this regard I entered a company called GREE and I thought about "data logging". We are strictly strictly taking strict measures on how customers have been behaved in GREE's platform and contents and supporting back-end people with mechanisms that can be seen at a very fast speed.

I felt strongly about the technical strength and the commitment "I must do it by all means". I wonder that the result will be such a framework and specification design. It is the profit of the developer, but as you set goals in this way, the accuracy of success when creating policies and game contents will rise. Then it will eventually produce results, so the next investment will be more likely to be born. After all it is given the opportunity to develop for people who make games.

I think that it is beneficial to developers in the sense that it is beneficial to have opportunities for investing as it is thought that giving opportunities to experiment with new ideas is the most important thing. I will ask Kishida to explain what kind of future such GREE is depicting.

In the future of social games, I will list three keywords first. The first point is "social framework", which I have explained so far, but later "global platform" and then "content power". I think that these two are becoming even more important.

First of all, although it is a "global platform", we are concentrating on expanding the global platform, and we are currently aiming for the platform of 800 million users platform including partnerships. I will further concentrate on this, and I think that it will expand to 1 billion users.

And I'd like to look back on what happened in the console and social markets.

Although it says social game, I have explained various things up to now, but in about 5 years history, on the other hand, the console market has become a very historical field of more than 30 years already .

In such circumstances, by superimposing "social framework" and "global platform" of this social game industry, these two elements and the very rich "contents" of the game industry, I think that it will become possible to expand globally with GREE.

I think that it is very important that the game industry and the social industry merge and it is very important to show this world's presence to the world.

Next will overlap with the current story, but there is a break between social games and console games, "Because we can not make console games" or "I do not understand social games well, What would be interesting ", I think that there was once a conversation with the classification, but in the future, as smartphones become popular, mobile as viewed from a so-called game machine point of view The possibilities of things like that are getting really high.

As various expressions become possible, since game-like play can be various expressions, rather than social games and console games, it's going to get rid of, one becomes a game-like I think that it will become an era such as where users enjoying things use the platform which users enjoying their game-like things use ... ....

Since the game contents are spreading, I think that there are probably those which strongly incorporate the core game, the mechanics of the game design-like game until now surely.

Next, I think that it is a very big change that "all users are on the premise". This means that playing games with "machines that are supposed to be connected to online" and "machines that may not be connected" and that "the whole is online" It is a premise that you are in the place to reach, but how to make the game is different.

Originally, this is something we must all be conscious of by humans who make gaming entertainment, but we do not sell game programs and graphic data, but "We provide gaming experience That means that.

Since it provides the experience, it will be copied and disseminated as well, providing the user with a great sense of accomplishment and extremely happy feelings, along with the community and day-to-day data provided on the platform to the last It is becoming. I think that it should become conscious that it is becoming "an era of providing experiences", and I think that we should do that kind of thing in the future. Also, it is an Asian market. Until now, I think that the game machine has been talking in three categories together with the Japanese market because the game machine is the North American market, after that the European market. There are places where the opportunity to offer games was limited to how many units sold game machines themselves were sold in that country.

However, when becoming a smartphone, if you have it, if you charge a person who thinks that it is sometimes strong and interesting to provide the game free of charge and charge users, it is very embarrassing about that I think that opportunities will increase.

We Japanese always made various contents such as comics, animation, games, I joined GREE and said, "I played the game Tsuchida created, when I was a junior high school student" and said "Oh is it so , Thank you. "Although there was a time to say," I made a game after seeing Tezuka Osamu's manga "or" Did you draw a comic after playing a certain game ", the main point is comics, animation, etc. It is like a game or a novel, but I think that there are not so many countries who have seen this and have cultures that have influenced both sides and have come this far.

In this sense, at this time, it is written in history with a word, but I think that there is an advantage in the country Japan that has contents of entertainment, mutually influencing and having contents of entertainment. When I think of it, I feel that it is being drawn to be global expansion.

If you are talking about the Japanese game industry absolutely, remarks and situations such as "get out of the sense of blockage" are often seen, but the definition of the game changes in the first place. Even something that was not thought to be a game until now is going to be a game, this is an era in which both games and games-like games are being called games.

It is a relationship with lifestyle. I also took a questionnaire when I made the game for the console myself, but when asking, "Please tell me why I did not buy this game", I definitely ranked first and second in Dantots, There is no money ". It is becoming a story that the character finally got into the third place, what the story was, what the story is like, the game system seems complicated, the difference is clear.

When the user plays the game, the game can not be involved only by making a state of buying the game, turning on the switch and concentrating on it ... It is becoming too busy social game in Japan I feel that popularization has provided us with various timing regarding opportunities for users to play.

In such an era when such a play style changes, the profit method also changes. The market will change. I think that it is a very exciting story that there are Japanese services that aim at the world with such turning points in such a time that most of these things change drastically more and more.

I hope that you can participate in the GREE and GREE platforms as well and we hope to be able to aim together the world.

So this is the end of our lecture today.

Continued, I will show it in the question and answer.

Questioner 1:
Thank you very much for your precious lecture today. Although it may deviate from today's theme, it was written as "No specifications" on the slide earlier. Please let us know how you actually develop and operate without specifications.

Although there is no specification in this case in fact, in fact it is based on wiki that it keeps simple specifications and simple things, and that it is doing while presenting information outside, there is no specification book clicked on It is that.

Questioner 1:
Is there no format and you are doing it individually?

Well, I am proceeding with a memo wiki that targets which user this time and what essential elements are added to the game. Also, since I try to keep close communication on oral basis, I am trying to advance while taking consensus there.

Questioner 1:
Does that mean that you are being asked to have the vertically integrated skills explained earlier?

Well, when you want to realize this, you need to understand even the design of the database, from the upper layer to the lower layer, so where is the bottleneck for doing that? Or what kind of business benefits are there when doing it? It is to do while truly seeing from top to bottom a wide range.

After that, it seems like I'm making it while talking with something like a laboratory of a university as it is quite close to seating between engineers and directors.

Questioner 1:
Finally, is there anything else devised for members to share their skills?

For the time being, I put it in a model such as the social framework said earlier, basically the newly entering member seems to start thinking about this kind of thing, trying to make awareness as to which target user thought measures I am doing it.

Questioner 1:
Thank you very much.

Questioner 2:
Thank you very much for a very interesting lecture today. There is a place I'd like to ask Mr. Tsuchida, but I think that there are many people who are very impressed by playing Tsuchida's work in this room including maybe, I'd like to ask you a question, but I heard many things that is very good about social side, that GREE's speed and speed-up, or data-driven game making.

Is there anything you think daring to think about the old game industry's game making here better?

It is where the loyalty of the company worker is questioned (laugh).

Well, now it's a joke. Well it is a difficult part, but as a feeling, while the previous premarks are progressing, I feel something very close when I was making from various places with media like Famicom, Super Nintendo. So, I am sticking to communication very much too, first of all it is that it is easy to communicate because it is a small team, but the competence of such people is questionable as to whom the person pulling it as well as anything is questioned, so 1 If you mistake it, I think there is a place.

In that regard, there is a framework, so to speak about data it is said that it is difficult for things like things like "I made a bad game with someone's thought a while ago" The fact that it goes out can be a good opportunity to see that the relationship that clearly shows the relationship that "this kind of thing will have such an influence" instead of the service itself. "Well then, if you want this, you can do this," I think that it can be considered a dangerous thing to be short-circuited.

So if you start with the data you mentioned earlier "What you want to offer to customers" "How you want to have fun", decide the indicator by looking at the log ... ... Probably called GREE Or how to make that framework is nice. However, I think that there is a risk to see only the place where you "really do it when you do it". Is that the place?

Questioner 2:
Probably because I think that each other is dangerous if I get more than this (laugh) So far. Thank you very much.

Questioner 3:
Today I heard valuable stories. It was very interesting to compare the vertical integration type organization and the organization of the game industry, but once in the game industry, the era of NES and Sufami has not been divided into divisions so far, probably as GREE says I thought that it was a vertical integration type organization.

So it was very interesting that Mr. GREE who embodies the organization of the former NES console now becomes a very base organization, but now it is gradually increasing with the improvement of the specifications of game machines As the scale got bigger and the integrated type in the Nintendo period could not be maintained, it turned out that division of labor has occurred, and it has progressed in such a direction.

But in the future, I think that the specification will surely be improved as mobile phones and social games that had not had a large scale since it was in a state of low function, becoming smartphone age. Amid such circumstances, I would like to ask you to tell us something like the future organizational prospects of whether to maintain a vertically integrated type organization while increasing the scale or whether division of labor will progress as in the game industry think.

Basically I think that we will continue with the continuation of the current style. What is characteristic to us now is a specification that changes in real time as social game, and I think whether it is difficult to deal with it unless it is vertical integration type in order to deal with that in the meantime as well.

However, in the future, I mentioned smartphones and feature phones, but basically I think that the modeling part of the game model does not change, and in the directing part, for example, if we are currently Adobe Flash, Adobe) Although AIR and Unity and the important part of the production side do such a part of making, the base part of the game, the part of the server side basically does not change much.

Where the game specialist is asked to write or make it, the intermediate indicators of the game and the indicators of the intermediate parameters related to profitability have not changed so much, so I wonder if I can keep it as it is I am thinking.

I showed a concrete example that smartphone was handled for the current six months, but at this time I would like to use what we originally had, so I would like to do things such as completion of game logic on the server side if possible , We are advancing the approach of hybrid type.

Looking upright looks like native, though, the back was made so that our know-how of social game can be used, I would like to continue to continue with these strengths in these places.

Questioner 3:
Thank you very much.

Questioner 4:
Thank you for your interesting story today. As I mentioned earlier that it is accumulating as a framework, is there a sense that the framework itself is exhausting? For example, similar games are coming up and things like thinking when you make social games are already appearing as data.

Yes, I think that there is something called lifetime even by social framework, it is important to accumulate, I think that there are some things like their lifetime that are long and some short.

Nonetheless, it is not just about to use it, but on the other hand, for example, if you make one game every three months or if you do not do it properly, no matter what new innovation you will not come up with, I do something like making one such framework in three months, incorporating new things and accumulating what makes social game market active. We are.

Questioner 4:
Another thing I do is to make that framework is whether to drop it as a framework from what was already released and succeeded, or whether to make it with the idea of ​​making a framework ... ....

It is almost simultaneous. After all, when we make a new policy as that product, we first propose to that flat site, but it will be nice to be managerial as well if it can be adapted to other products, think. So, I think that it is necessary for each product to proceed with such a view.

Of course, while doing "Hatakea", it is a matter of framework to make something that is not made for that framework. By examining "why this time it succeeded" with other products and adapting it to your product, it is going to expand horizontally and make it more versatile and other good products are gathering like that There are also things.

Questioner 4:
Thank you very much.

Questioner 5:
Thank you for your precious story today. When I was listening to stories, I had an image that we could predict attracting customers or earnings with high accuracy with a framework or data driven type system.

Still if you do it in practice, there is a case that there is a case that there is a totally inconsistent result than the prediction that if this kind of in-game adjustment is done in this framework, it should be enough, and how I would like to hear from you about how you can identify the reason for how to deal with it.

There is a thing different from the assumed framework and its actual effect. However, I thought that it was quite a product nature, I did not explain, but this framework is suitable for men but not for women, but for a lady but for men it is not suitable for men Often there are.

For example, I tried inserting a framework for men into a product for women and it was understood while I was doing it, but in fact there was actually a reverse effect.

Basically at such places, it is not just a matter of combining frameworks, but thinking about matching the product characteristics and framework, selecting a framework that matches the characteristics of that product, from now on I feel like I have to go get it.

Questioner 5:
Thank you very much.

So thank you very much. That's it.

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