When "Nissin Lu King" who has been pursuing a texture like raw noodles becomes bag noodles

Originally La is not a dry noodle but raw type noodles, the second generation uses tasty non-fried noodles close to raw noodles, which is characterized by a cup noodle but a raw texture like raw noodles, but this time noodle noodle In spite of being a "raw, noodle" despite the fact that it realizes the texture. this"Nisshin Rao Soy Sauce 5 Food Pack"Nisshin Rao Miso 5-pack pack"(500 yen per tax) is released from August 27 (Monday), but since I was able to get it early, I decided to actually make it and eat it.

Finally a bag noodle that realized "feeling of raw feeling" was born! "Nisshin Rao Soy Sauce 5 Food Pack", "Nisshin Raou Miso 5 Food Pack" August 27, 2012 (Monday) Kanto Koshinetsu / Shizuoka area advance release

The appearance looks like this. "Nisshin Rao sauce 5-pack pack" on the left, "Nisshin Rao Miso 5-meal pack" on the right.

The biggest feature is a texture like "raw, noodles".

Here is the raw material name of "Nisshin Royo Soy Sauce 5 Food Pack". It is a bag of 102 grams.

The energy per meal (102 grams) is 353 kcal.

I tried out one bag. Here as well, there is a statement as "raw, noodles", I feel strong confidence in the texture.

Liquid soup in the bag.

This is a noodle that it is texture like raw noodles. Although it does not look like there is a big difference with general bag noodles, expectation is large, how much it changes when putting in a pot.

Boil 500 milliliters of hot water, first put noodles in there.

Boil for 4 minutes.

One of the pleasures of making bag noodles is to enjoy the atmosphere that seems to be cooking anything easily.

While boiling the noodles, put the liquid soup in the vessel.

When the noodles boiled, first put the broth into the vessel ......

I will let you soup.

If you put the noodles there, it will be completed. In raw noodles, there is no need for this "Nissin Lu king" process, which is commonly called "boiled-down cooking", "After once boiling down noodles and then throwing away the broth." Just like commonly-used bag nouves, you can use the broth as it is, so you do not have to take much time to boil hot water for soup.

The texture of the noodles is mochi, and it is made as a slipper and tooth touch is outstanding. Like general bag noodles, there is no powdery feeling like rice porridge, so you can eat noodles with comfort. There is nothing like the raw noodle that you eat at a ramen shop, but the level is lined up with noodles selling at supermarkets. The soup is easy to eat with plain soy sauce taste, but it is also true that it does not contain any ingredients, so it is a monotonous taste. Sorry, even if there is not enough chopped onions in flavor, it may have been better, but by daring to make it simple "noodles and soup", there is no need to cheat with such a device! Or maybe that's the possibility of leaving a lot of room to "devise one way to make it in a pot".

For that reason, as one idea, I opened another bag and tried to make a version with eggs.

The crispy texture of the noodles and the tempura of the egg are combined to accelerate the speed of drawing noodles. When sweetness of eggs is added there, richness comes out in the taste of the soup that I felt monotonously, even more uneven.

Also, if the soup has surplus, put the cold or rice etc ......

Wear eggs ......

Steam for about 1 minute ......

Completion of Oya. Dashi stained with rice, this is also a good taste.

Next is "Nisshin Rao Miso 5-pack pack". The raw material is like this, the content of one bag is 99 grams, which is slight, although it is slight compared with the soy sauce taste of 102 grams.

The energy per meal (99 grams) is 336 kcal. Compared to 353 kcal soy sauce taste, it is also lowered here.

The appearance of the bag looks like this. It is simple, but the logo of "Nisshin King" is becoming prominent only.

Inside is a brown bag liquid soup.

Boil the noodles first ... ...

If you put noodles in the soup making machine in advance ......


Anyway the feeling of slippery noodles is felt well. Because the crispness is good and comfortable, the speed to move to the next bite is fast, so noodles are lost in a matter of time. Soup felt a little fragrance and taste a little compared to soy sauce taste. Although putting ingredients by myself surely tastes deepen, the point of how easy it is to eat the items of this hand is also important, so when thinking about it "Another step further up I can enjoy the taste of ... .... " In other words, it means that the degree of completion is so high.

I will try to eat the raw egg again. Good point that you can enjoy the sense of taste of noodles firmly even when eggs are combined.

The last one is my girlfriend. When I find the rest of the noodles, it seems I got a hit somewhat, I feel happy.

As expected it is not until the raw noodles are reproduced, but it is certainly realizing a texture not found in the past noodles. Currently, only soy sauce and miso taste, but I also want to expect other lineups to appear. In the Kanto-Koushinetsu-Shizuoka area, pre-sales started on August 27 (Monday).

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