Even the same miso is different, we tried comparing Nissin 'heavy noodles extra thick thick miso pig bones' and 'heavy noodles konishi miso miso'

New brand of Uri with the thickness Nissin started to develop last year"Taro noodori"I tried to compare the new product, "Extra thick thick miso pig bone" (190 yen tax) and "Miso paste" (170 yen tax).

Both kinds of miso flavors and treatments on the official page were the same line, so I thought that they had similar taste, there was a disparity in the stage when I bought the real thing and arranged them side by side. The difference also appears in the taste clearly, and it is used for "extremely thick concentrated miso pig bones"Extremely thick noodle using new technologyIt was quite a good workmanship.

Details are as below.Nissin Taizo majestic extra thick thick miso pig bones | product information | Nissin Food
Nissin Koen dignified Konomi Miso | Product Information | Nissin Food

When I actually bought it and arranged it, first it was different from the size of the lid.

The texture of the cup is also different. "Extra thick thick miso pig bone" is a shiny cup and has a high-class feeling.

"Rice miso" is a general, well-known print.

The raw material of "Extra thick thick miso pig bone" looks like this.

It seems that there is not much difference in raw materials.

"Extra thick thick miso pig bone" is 634 kcal and it is considerably high calorie.

On the other hand, "Koise miso" is as low as 200 kcal, 447 kcal per meal.

Open and take out the contents. "Thickly thick miso pig bone" is quickly, 3 sachets of powder soup, liquid soup.

"Koise miso" was quickly filled with 2 bags of liquid soup.

Pour hot water and wait for 4 minutes.


The color of the noodle is quite different. On the left is "Extra thick miso pig bone", right is "Miso miso".

"Extra thick rice miso pig bones" was made with noodles at all, and I felt almost nothing of the oiliness of fly noodles. Resilient noodles and sesame seasoned soup with slightly tempered are well matched. Although it is said that it is a miso pig bone, I received the impression like a noodle shochu noodle because it is intense as a claim of sesame severe. The richness of the soup and the volume of the noodles are well matched, and it has become a dish that has eaten very much. Personally, this was a hit.

This is "miso miso". The soup is pretty neat and I feel refreshing spice in the aftertaste. The noodles seem to be using the same thick noodles as the previous "rich fish pork bone soy sauce", and there is a response to eating, but feeling like a little oil compared to "extremely thick noodles" newly appeared this time To do. It is the most seasoned in the "Tadpo dignity" series, which is the most seasoned in the eyes, there is a sense of security that can be eaten up, but I also felt that differentiation from other products was not done so much.

Both the explanations of the whole noodle revolution on the lid were the same. As compared with eating, I thought that "extremely thick noodle" was finished to a considerably higher quality than "thick noodles" so far, so I might have appealed even more.

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