Transformers made of junk items standing like a house keeper

It is a transformer made of junk that nestles like a house keeper. With the quality which can not be thought that an amateur made it, it creates an atmosphere that seems to start when it comes to it.

It is not only standing but also seems to be useful for the house properly.

Details are from the following.
Mu! Kei Osamu Tyuma Taiman Yoshinaga Ya! - Mobile01 main newspaper

This is a transformer made of junk items.

The angle from the bottom.

The back of the sun is behind ...

From where did you bring such a junk?

Because the tires are attached to the feet, it seems likely to move if it feels like that.

It seems to be in the role of life, as it has become a clothes stand instead.

If there are such things in a private house it stands out pretty.

Transformers made with this junk seem to be in Puli County, Nantou County, Taiwan, people who took pictures seem to want to tell various people to see where they are, but the owner of this house says " Do not put it on. "It seems that I can not tell you because I am saying.

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