A little manuke figure of people taking pictures at the Leaning Tower of Pisa

In ItalyLeaning tower of PisaIs famous as a leaning building and tourists gather from all over the world to see its appearance. Speaking of memorial photos that come to the leaning tower, I think that you can say, "I am supporting a leaning tower that is going to fall", "Where I am trying to overturn the leaning tower", but I guess you can see how that photograph is taking place There was a person who gathered what it feels like looking from the edge.

Details are as below.
Cabinet of Wonders: The Art of Gesture in Tourist Italy

First of all, this is a memorial photo that is common. I am about to support the lean tower.

The woman in red clothes on the right seems to be supporting the tower just right, but where is the woman on the left pushing in the tower?

It looks like Fever Pose.

I wonder if Kamen Rider is transforming.

The tower can not be supported unless you sit still more.


Triples of Bon dancing-like poses.

They seem to be enjoying, so let's watch over them.

If I travel to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, I definitely would like to take a picture I'm trying to support the tower or try to overthrow.

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