Open source giant multi-legged robot that people can ride "Stompy"

"I can ride.robot"Many people adore many, quadruped human driven quadruped maneuver capable of actually riding and maneuvering Rugged giant robot"Cratas"Although it is made," I want a robot of various sizes and shapes to walk on the earth ", so it is possible to steer a 6-leg open source robot"StompyThe project to make "is progressed by 15 students of Massachusetts.

Stompy: The Giant, Rideable Walking Robot by Project Hexapod - Kickstarter

Stompy is about 5.5 meters in length, weighs 1800 kg and is a robot with 6 legs. The completed figure looks like the following.

The movie is from the following.

Three instructors, Gui Cavalcanti, Dan Cody, and James Whong, who actually design the military and commercial robots as professionals who actually lead the project.

The project is conducted mainly by students, but Teaming Assistant Adam Bercu is American Champion of Battle Robot and it is quite serious.

Stompy is a robot that can drive for two people.

The height of the main body will be higher than the height of the person.

As a result so far, we first developed a system that can control hydraulic feet at low cost.

Successfully moving half-size legs.

And I got an engine to move the robot.

Currently I am making Stompy's feet.

After completing Stompy, it will be possible to demonstrate and to test drive in the festival.

Also, from materials, planning, presentations made in the lectureCADUntil all will be made public.

Because it is possible to carry about 450 kg of baggage at 2 to 3 miles per hour, even if the car can not pass through the road full of rubble due to earthquakes etc, we can carry goods and rescue people, this technology is disaster It is a husband useful for life saving.

Stompy is currently recruiting investment. In order to make one leg of Stompy, we need about 160 kg special cut iron, the cost is $ 6000 (about 500,000 yen). It takes 450 kg of iron to reach the body part, so we need a considerable amount of money to complete.

In order to test drive on Stompy during the demonstration week, it is necessary to invest over 300 dollars (about 23,000 yen), but even if it is less than that, even if it is less than 5 dollars (about 400 yen) it is accepting the investment, stickers and T I get original goods such as shirts, and when Stompy goes up to the mountain, I will scream the name from the top of the mountain. The deadline is 10:00 pm on September 2 in local time.

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