The appearance of "calculator" with button in search result of Google, complicated calculation possible with one shot

When searching for mathematical expressions on Google, the answer came out in the search result, but Google of the origin seems to display a "calculator" with a clickable button at last. If you use this, you can calculate trigonometric functions such as √ calculations and "sin" "cos" more easily, like a scientific calculator.

Enter "10 + 10" in Google's search window and click " in English" at the bottom ... ...

In this way, the calculator screen appears in the search result, and the answer "20" is also displayed in a batch.

√ Calculation and trigonometric functions "sin" "cos" "tan" can also be calculated, combined with "()" and so on, such complex calculation can be done quickly, which is convenient.

In addition, since Google's search window already has a graph function already,Writing overseas forumAccording to Google, searching for the following formula will result in a mark that you have seen.


This is the calculation result.

Note that the buttoned calculator function will be installed in Japanese version Google as well.

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