3 times rendering speed & faster startup, fully redesigned Firefox 14 for Android official release

Mozilla has released the latest version (14.0) of Firefox for Android. Because of complaints such as "slow startup" and "heavy operation", we redesigned this time and optimized it for Android. Startup speed is 3 times faster than conventional version, and operation is lightening.

Android browser Firefox - Android version appeared in that popular browser

Mozilla Launches a Speedy and Powerful Upgrade to Mobile Browsing with Firefox for Android | The Mozilla Blog

A movie introducing new features is here.

New Firefox for Android update overview - YouTube

The Android version of Firefox icon is on the home screen.

Tap it ......

The browser starts up in no time.

Scroll with scroll

Touch the address entry field to display the top sites (frequently viewed sites), bookmarks, and history by tab.

It is displayed on the right side of the address bar how many windows are being displayed. Tap here to move to the window list.

In the list, the contents of the window are previewed.

The right side of the address bar, the right side of the window number display is a menu button. By tapping ......

The page menu will be displayed. Reload from the top (reread), bookmark, share, save as PDF, clear site settings, add on, download, set up, close.

In the settings, you can set the same settings as for Firefox for PC, such as tracking refusal, password storage, cookie permission / non-permission.

I compare it in this movie how much it actually started compared with the past version.

New Firefox for Android update start-up time - YouTube

The left end is the latest Firefox, the middle is the former Firefox, and the right end is an ordinary browser.

Tap the icon.

The latest Firefox is the fastest and finishes loading.

Although there is a difference in the homepage, it is a mistake quickly from the old Firefox etc.

Here is a graphical representation of the difference in rendering speed. From the top it is lined up with the old version of Firefox, the new version of Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Dolphin browser, standard browser, and the terminal is measured using Galaxy Nexus equipped with Android 4.0.

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