Finally "Opera browser beta version" can be downloaded as an Android application

Webkit adoption version "Opera" that can reduce the amount of data transfer can operate at high speed and is released for Android, and it can be downloaded and installed from Japan as well. I could actually install it on Nexus 7 at hand.

Opera browser beta - Android application on Google Play

You can see how to use it generally by looking at the official PV below.

Discover our best browser for Android - YouTube

The screenshot released on Google Play looks like the following.

It is a graphical bookmark function displayed when opening Speed ​​Dial (Speed ​​Dial), a new blank tab (tab not specifying the URL), etc. By registering frequently viewed sites etc, A mechanism that allows pages to be displayed.

Personalized news feed "Discover" function

You can see how compressed and sent from the menu in the upper right

Downloading screen

Tab management

Saved pages

Search by address bar

Displaying page

In addition, since it is still in beta version, some problems will be found, but it should be more like Opera to become an official version.

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Webkit adopted "Opera" Android Beta Japanese version usage How to use - GIGAZINE

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