Microsoft is pushing for a switch to 7 because Windows XP generates waste

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A new OS "Windows 8" will be released from Microsoft this year, but users still do not upgrade to the latest OS, Windows 7, but continue to use Windows XP, the previous generation OS There are nearly 50%. If XP remains forever, IT companies have to continue to support, costly, and due to the fact that the official support deadline is less than two years in the first place, Microsoft will upgrade to Windows 7 as soon as possible We are calling for it.

Understanding the Business Impact of Windows XP Migration Plans

According to NetMarketShare's survey, the OS share is still 46% for Windows XP and still stands at 39% for Windows 7. By the way, the share of Vista released between XP and 7 is 7%.

Operating system market share

About XP users and 7 users, what happens if XP remains as it is, the investigation companyIDCIt is reporting, and Microsoft supports the contents.

First of all, with regard to productivity cost, we investigated from time to time to waste due to virus and malware attacks, the time required for helpdesk by redrawing, restarting, downtime, security management and patch management etc. Continuing to leave XP not only expose itself to security risk but also reported that it is the result that budget which should be adjusted elsewhere is put on IT investment. Continuing to support XP seems to cost five times more than seven.

Compared to the time when XP was developed, the technology has improved dramatically, for example, Wi - Fi and Bluetooth etc are standard support in 7, user interface is improved, hardware also shows high speed and high performance . IDC especially focuses on downtime (unavailable time). In XP, the help desk spends more than half of the time downtime support, but in 7 it has decreased to one third.

IDC pointed out that if IT departments take the initiative to introduce state-of-the-art technology, they are also paying attention to improving user productivity. The transition from XP to 7 states that the return on investment will be 130% in 3 years.

However, the other day at Shin-Osaka station"Windows 2000" appears on the Shinkansen arrival guide monitorAs I said, it is reality that we can not change the contents very much just because a new OS comes out. Even browsers that are easier to upgrade, unlike the OS, still have Internet Explorer 6 still in useInternet Explorer auto upgradeAs it was supposed to be done, if it is just going to change, the OS just seems to be automatically updating in the same way ....

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