The vast majority of corporate users are not considering migrating to Vista

Also surely when migrating from Windows 98 / Me to XPAbout 30% of respondents say "I do not want to introduce" at home / work place"And"Enterprise users who say "there is no need to rush" to upgrade to Windows XPAlthough the same thing as the controversy happened to the current "whether to shift from XP to Vista" was happening, it seems that most of business users are not thinking much about migration to Vista at this stage as expected . The proportion is actually 87%, overwhelming majority.

Details are as follows.
Slashdot | A Majority of Businesses Will Not Move To Vista

Businesses having second thoughts about Vista

According to a study by PatchLink Corp, a company that provides security patches, most business customers continue to use the current version of Windows or are considering migrating to Linux or Mac OS X Thing.

In a survey conducted on 250 corporate users, it is as follows.

Approximately 2%: already transferred to Vista
Approximately 9%: We plan to move to Vista within 3 months
About 87% remaining: No migration planned

So, Microsoft has not been silent against this trend, and we are developing various strategies.

ITmedia Enterprise: Wish to advance company introduction of Vista Microsoft, campaign appeal

Microsoft aims to sell 630,000 books this year with strengthening support for introducing Vista for enterprises: ITpro

"Windows Vista can sell at 10 times the speed of XP," Microsoft @ IT

Microsoft aims to boost the sales of Vista for enterprises, 33% increase in license sales

In the case of the transition to the previous XP, "Enterprise productivity also increases as you move to Windows XP"I was crying. It certainly has higher security reliability than XP, but certainly there should be some merit ... ....

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