"Violent Lips" that draws leopard patterns, floral patterns, national flags, rainbows etc on their lips and makes them colorful

When a man watches a woman, half of the ten seconds after meeting encapsulates to see his lipsAs you can see from the research result that, lip is a part that makes a strong impression on the partner even among parts of the face. Such leopard patterns depicting leopard pattern, butterfly pattern, Union jack, rose, rainbow etc are "Violent Lips"is.

Welcome | Violent Lips

◆ The Pink Cheetah
Pink cheetah handle.

◆ The Honey Dew Right - Glitteratti Mix
Hane de melonImage.

◆ The Daisy (Multi-Pack)
Daisy pattern has become multi-pack of three colors expansion.

◆ The Butterfly (Multi-Pack)
A butterfly pattern that may look like a butterfly stuck in your lips.

◆ The Black Cherry - Glitteratti Mix
Although it seems to have an impact when viewed alone, it is a black cherry color that looks quiet compared to other Violent Lips.

◆ The Roses
Here is one pack of two colors of pink and red.

◆ The Union Jack
Union Jack, a British national flag.

◆ The B-Day Girl
The B - Day Girl is packed with red and pink ones.

◆ The American Flag
The American flag. In addition, we also sell national flags of other countries such as the Japanese flag.

◆ The Lavender Glitteratti
To the licking lips of lavender color.

◆ The Leopard
There are various animal patterns. This is a leopard pattern.

◆ The Red Zebra
Impact Large red and black zebra pattern.

◆ The Midnight Glitteratti
On the lips of night color by The Midnight Glitteratti.

◆ The Pink Polka
There is also a cute polka dot pattern.

◆ The Rainbow
Rainbow pattern is one of "Crazy for Colors" category.

The movies that explain how to use Violent Lips are as follows.

How To Apply Violent Lips Glitteratti Collection Lip Tattoos [Tutorial] - YouTube

What you need is Violent Lips and scissors, plenty of water, and cotton.

First, remove the Violent Lips from the cover,

Align Violent Lips with the top of your lip.

Next, relax your lips and measure the lip size with Violent Lips.

And cut unnecessary parts with scissors. There are three parts that need cutting.

Lip end and left end

And the bottom part.

Please be careful not to cut the upper part of the lip at this time.

And peel off the plastic tape.

Paste Violent Lips to your lips,

I will add water to the cotton.

Press the cotton from above the Violent Lips.

If you firmly press the Violent Lips against your lips, peel off the mount.

When not sticking at all, it directly presses water cotton against the lips.

Similarly remove the lower lip from the cover,

Align Violent Lips to the shape of your lip.

Cut unnecessary parts.

Remove plastic tape from Violent Lips,

Paste it on your lips.

Since it is difficult to paste the edge of the lip, push the cotton which contained water firmly.

It is completed.

How long will Violent Lips last?

As long as you do not kiss the boyfriend, you can keep it as it is for about 4 to 8 hours.

As for Violent Lips's way of saying,

It is easy to wipe your lips with cotton containing baby oil.

The price is $ 14.95 (about 1200 yen). If you use Violent Lips when you are here, such as dates and parties, you will be fighting for a game and you can collect gaze from around.

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