Able to use for free New iPad / iPhone 4S / iOS 5 and other GUI parts Assorted PSD file collection

When creating and designing mockups for new applications, combining various parts visible on the screen often makes it possible to image more clearly than simple sketches and memos, and in that case you can use it with Photoshop It is PSD file collection.

By using these, you can make more compelling screen creation when developing for iOS, and you can check the appearance of the design / GUI part that the user ultimately touches before making it, so after creating the function Once you have organized the GUI, you should be able to reduce the extra effort and time, such as having to go through two times and three times.

◆ New iPad (Retina display compatible)

IPad GUI PSD (Retina Display) | Downloads | Teehan + Lax

◆ iPhone 4S (iOS 5)

IOS 5 GUI PSD (iPhone 4S) | Downloads | Teehan + Lax

◆ iPhone 4

IPhone 4 GUI PSD (Retina Display) | Downloads | Teehan + Lax

◆ iPad / iPad 2

IPad GUI PSD | Downloads | Teehan + Lax

It is okay not to have such a realistic feeling part, but a slightly more soft sketchy style is also easy to use, there is an AI file for Illustrator as below.

◆ iPad (sketch like)

IPad Sketch Elements AI | Downloads | Teehan + Lax

◆ iPhone (sketch like)

IPhone Sketch Elements AI | Teehan + Lax

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