Photoshop killer tutorial 30 pieces

Photoshop is used everywhere, so that's why there is a tutorial that explains how to use like a mountain, but among them there are 30 killer tutorials that seem to be "this is!"

30 Killer Free Photoshop Tutorials

◆ 1: Dark Photo Manipulation "Vampire Hunter"(Retouch, color adjustment for manipulating light and shadows well, understand layer operation)

◆ 2: Attractive parrot photo operation(Layer operation method for processing animal pictures into an abstract and impactful image)

◆ 3: Hand-drawn wind illustrations in Photoshop

◆ 4: Machine into a scenery with atmosphere(Make full use of layers and texture like that)

◆ 5: Make scenes that overflow with water making you worry about what you see(Technology to seamlessly merge two images without discomfort)

◆ 6: Create a theme for websites and WordPress

◆ 7: 3 types of header images with a simple and elegant text effect added

◆ 8: Create a diary or journal-like layout

◆ 9: A convenient Photoshop shortcut that makes living more comfortable

◆ 10: How to create a Photoshop brush from hand-drawn art

◆ 11: Light effect tutorial "Fly High"

◆ 12: Creating a surreal desert scene in Photoshop

◆ 13: Seamless seamless texture & pattern image creation

◆ 14: Make a cartoon style that professionals draw from actual photos

◆ 15: Text effect that glows in a retro atmosphere

◆ 16: Create a trendy layout in Photoshop

◆ 17: Effects in which unique text is destroyed

◆ 18: Remove extra things from the photo

◆ 19: Digital painting run in Photoshop

◆ 20: Simple shining animation

◆ 21: Photo Retouching Techniques

◆ 22: Siri icon

◆ 23: How to paint angel warriors colorfully with digital paint

◆ 24: Cover art style of video game

◆ 25: How to adjust the color perfectly

◆ 26: A beautiful night scene making full use of the silhouette

◆ 27: Dark and surreal photo manipulation

◆ 28: Vintage poster wind

◆ 29: The atmosphere with a movie poster

◆ 30: Eerie Portrait Photo Operation

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