Wooden case & stand for iPhone which wood processing professional group did from design to creation

Processing wood such as maple, walnut, rosewood, finishing to the size that is exactly for iPhone, consistently achieving both tactile sensation that meets the hands firmly and quality that satisfies ownership desire are consistently done from design to production Professional group "Hacoa (Hakoa)"is. Headquartered in Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture, we are sending out products that take advantage of various "wood" features.

Among them, I made an article in NovemberWooden iPhone stand "BaseStation for iPhone 4"I waited for a month to wait longer, finally arrived at the editorial department the other day, I tried to touch it.

We arrived two BaseStation and one case for iPhone 4S.

First of allWooden case for iPhone 4S. There are three kinds of trees, Maple, Walnut, Rosewood, but at the time of ordering it was said that it took quite a while to ship, except for Maple, so select Maple. The price is 6825 yen.

It is like this when placed in the palm of your hand.

It is not "woodgraining design" but "wooden".

Actually attach it to the iPhone 4S.

This is how to install and remove.

First, insert the side with the volume button diagonally.

Next, push both sides on the opposite side.

This is almost the same size as the external size of the iPhone 4S, and the tree is wrapping around the iPhone quite a bit.

Buttons are designed to be usable without interfering properly.

Inside the case. The edge is lightly protruding up and down along the shape of the iPhone, and this is sandwiching the iPhone in a tight fashion.

This is a hole for the camera.

The place where there is a possibility that a hand may touchchamferI have it.

Since I did not put in a name, this time it has become Hacoa's logo, but Illustration of the design is put in with laser engraving.

The bottom is like this.

The installation of the case is completed with this. There is a fear of slipping when you are playing gloves and the like, but the texture when holding with bare hands is exceptional, giving a calm feeling even when it is placed on a desk, and there is a sense of quality. Impression that it became an adult's iPhone.

Subsequently,Wooden "BaseStation for iPhone 4"We will do the setting.

BaseStation is "Maple for Hacoa case" on the left, "Walnut for normal" on the right. For Hacoa case is a BaseStation that can be placed with the wooden case on it, BaseStation for placing without normal case. The price is the same 4200 yen.

The size is larger than the palm.

There are three holes on the back side.

Two of them are for inserting posts.

When laying horizontally

When installed vertically

You can put iPhone 4S here. This size is almost perfect, and the gaps are small.

When taking out it can be pressed from the hole in the back OK

Like this.

Let the cable run in the gap ......

Charging in progress.

On the other hand, this is BaseStation for normal use.

The size that the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S without a case fits just like this.

This place has more gaps than Hacoa case.

However, since the Apple mark comes just in the hole on the back side, it is a little fashionable.

Together with the case, it makes the iPhone look like a part of the interior.

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