Experimental movie of shock absorbing protective film "BUFF" which is unscathed even if you hit it with a hammer just pasted on iPhone is overwhelming

Although it is hard to believe, it seems hard to believe it, although it hits the liquid crystal screen with a hammer, let's scratch the screen with a crap or the like, but the iPhone is unexpectedly continuing to operate intact Shock absorbing protective film "BUFFIt will start selling in Japan.

BUFF: The Ultimate Shock Absorption

Although this extraordinary protective film "BUFF" has a light transmittance of 93% and a thinness of 0.25 mm, by twisting, a steel ball of double the weight of an iPhone (280 g) falls from a height of 1.5 m onto the liquid crystal screen Even if it does not break, it is a mechanism to absorb shock, and if you look at the following experiment movie you will know its fascination.

Buff iPhone Shock Absroption Performance - YouTube

First of all, mug

I can understand well because there is a sound when I see the movie, but I am struggling quite well with all my strength

It works properly

Next is a hammer

This is also pretty aggressively hitting the bang, and it is a level at which it is "wow" just by looking at it

This is also okay.

And after the silence of a while, something flew and hit the screen

Its identity is a brick which seems to be heavy

I think that it is impossible for anything this time ...


Confirm operation

I will peel off the film

It is intact


Furthermore, in the movie below it is a messy experiment to appeal that it is hard to get scratched and you can stir up anxiety though you should be fine just looking at it.

Buff iPhone Scratch-proof Performance - YouTube

It seems to be hard to paste if it is so strong, but if you release the bubbles, it will go out in about 24 hours to 48 hours, the experimental movie below.

Easy Installation without Spray Water - YouTube

It is like this if you normally use spatula etc.

Buff iPhone 4 Installation (wmv) - YouTube

Currently it is only for iPhone 4 / 4S, but the iPad version seems to be planning to launch, and in the experiment movie below it is replacing the iPad as a cutting board, it is already a mess.

Cooking on iPad wrapped by Buff - YouTube

Other movies are also a masterpiece, and there are things that makes it quite difficult to drop the steel balls from above.

BUFF Steel Ball Impact Test - YouTube

The following movie is a demo movie sticking to the back of the skateboard and dragging in slowly, this is also messed up.

BUFF: "Official Introduction" on Vimeo

How do you realize this robustness in what wayThis pageIt is composed of four layers in all, absorbing shocks etc. in the shock absorbing cushion layer, dispersing its energy by impact dispersing cushion layer, easy with silicone adhesive layer which can release air bubbles and reattach it It is possible that the film can be worn on it, has tensile strength, and it is difficult to slip off the hand with a slippery skin sensation film.

The planned sales start date is from April 20 (Friday), and the product name in Japan is "Ultra shock absorber protector"The price will be like the following.

◆ OTC presumed price (tax included)
Front type (BE001C): 1680 yen (Front of film · Card type spatula · Cloth cleaner · Paste instructions included)
Full set (BE002C): 2980 yen (Film front and back side · Others Same as above)

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