I tried roaming around the city carrying the "Solid Gray" which is a futuristic and almost like a polygon-like design of 3DCG

A bag designed with image of Armadillo's shell was designed by Dutch design studio "Lijmbach, Leeuw & amp; Vormgeving". "Solid Gray"It is said that it is finished in a bag that is ultra lightweight and high strength with a bag called" twenty-two and twenty-eight thousand yen ", but what is more distinctive than the shape of a characteristic shape reminiscent of the near future. I'd like to check what the real thing is like, "I would like to see what this actually is like in hand!"

Ceremony of opening. When you open it, the top of the bag is chilly.

Despite being looking at the photograph beforehand, it is a distinctive design which becomes "ooo ..." when actually seeing it.

"Although it is a distinctive bag, although it is a distinctive bag, looking outside, it may seem normal extraordinary", so I felt that it was interesting, so I took up the bag and rolled it out to the city immediately. After all, a white bag is not blended into the surrounding landscape and has an overwhelming presence.

I came to the ticket office. Even here it stands out.

It is soon to know where you are, even if you are lined up in a row of trains.

Even if you are misunderstood by the crowd, the strength of the impact of this bag is best demonstrated by crowds rather than being strong. However, I am a little concerned with my gaze ... ....

◆ Photo review

The size is 320 (W) x 500 (D) x 200 (H). Because the body material has high strength but polypropylene block copolymer which is very lightweight material is used, the weight is as light as about 1.15 kg.

It's on the back.

Looking from another angle it is like this.

The back part is not flat, it is designed to fit the back.

It is a feature of this bag that the shape of the bag is such that the bottom of the bag rises greatly.

At first glance it looks very sturdy, but the thickness of the material used is diluted.

Since the thickness of the material is about 2 mm and it is not thick enough to withstand considerable impact, excessive expectation is prohibited even if it says high strength.

You can open the bag with the clip on the top.

How to open "Solid Gray" - YouTube

Inside, there are a main space that can store laptop PCs, two boxes that can hold accessories, and clips that hold notes etc.

This is a space where you can store laptops etc. It is designed to accommodate laptops up to 15.6 inches and can be fixed with an adjustable rubber cord.

Fix notebook PC with "Solid Gray" - YouTube

EPDM (ethylene propylene rubber) with high cushioning property is provided at the bottom, and firmly supports the notebook PC from below.

I adjusted the cord tightly, but because of the stretchability of the rubber itself gaps will be created when inserting fingers. In the case of intense exercise, you are also concerned about shaking.

So, not to fix the laptop PC directly, etc. If you use the inner case like this, the shock resistance is further improved and it is safe.

There are also boxes that can hold accessories.

The depth is just enough for the pocket tissues to fit, and almost when filled with the business card case the capacity has become full.

There is also an opening and closing box with a lid at the top.

It is the size that the ballpoint pen and so on can fit in.

There is a snap-type lid and you do not need to worry about luggage jumping out, but it is not being able to secure the luggage securely, so it is better not to put in precision instruments such as mobile phones.

A clip is also attached.

In this way, it is possible to fix it with a notepad or the like in between.

Adjust the length of the shoulder using the strap.

Surely the bag itself is lightweight but because the shoulder itself has no cushioning property, the weight is transmitted directly to the shoulder, so if you use a laptop computer for a long time and feel it tired, you will feel fatigue. On the other hand, because the material is hard, I think that my back hurts, and on the contrary it prevents the inside baggage from hitting my back, so my back is comfortable. For example, it feels like carrying a school bag. Also, I tried walking and running with PC in, but PC was firmly fixed without shaking.

In addition, a rain cover that prevents invasion of water drops and dirt such as rain is attached. The color is fluorescent yellow color which is easy to see even in the dark, and this is also quite noticeable specification.

So go back to go outside again.

Let's see that it is not only the apparent impact.

First of all, I feel like I grew a little more spiritually than I did when I first carried it on.

Furthermore, just buying a ticket like this, it seems that the Soldier of the SF World seems to be operating a mysterious terminal and can threaten the surroundings.

Even though I am standing at home, I feel something very much ....

But probably because such overconsciousness is too excessive, in fact it is quite prominent like this, but no one cares in the city's dry and cool air.

Far from being unconcerned not to mind, at the end of the stereotyped phrase, the distance is placed so as not to be as close as possible, and the strange space spreads out, but rather it can be a comfortable private space secured in the crowds and crowds of the city It's two birds with one stone.

That's why I deserve a thought in all ways as one of the few options that will satisfy such a selfish need, although I want to stand out, but I want practicality, I can not be satisfied with deformed design. "I can not stop the actor and beggar if I do it three days", but the gathered condition of this gaze is dangerous. There is a world only known to those who carried it.

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