The animation industry's serious event "Anime Content Expo 2012" opens

The biggest anime industry event "Anime Content Expo 2012" to be held in Makuhari Messe has started.

Speaking of the biggest event in the animation industry until now, it was held last weekTokyo International Anime Fair 2012Although it was only the Tokyo ordinance problemKadokawa Shoten who decided to leave the animation fair decided to organizeThis is the event.

Last year, due to the impact of the Great East Japan Earthquake, both Tokyo International Anime Fair and Anime Content Expo were off, but this year it was a one - week difference.

ANIME CONTENTS EXPO 2012 | Anime Content Expo 2012

Kaihin Makuhari Station around 7 AM. People's wave is flowing toward Makuhari Messe.

The announcement of the in-progress event was completely filled with animation content expo.

The front of the building is closed, the entrance is not here but a gate at the western end.

When I go there, a great number of people ......

These queues are those seeking the same day tickets. Apart from this, those who have already purchased advance tickets form an entry row.

People who have a ticket for stage events are gathered here.

This is the entrance gate. Since it was before the opening, the staff was hurried around.

The venue connects the 2 holes and the 3 holes, and the 1 hole is separated and it is a stage.

Direction for one hole. The stage entrance is separately provided, and this side is exit only.

The shutter began to rise around 8:38.

Guidance to the gate is carried out by grouping by a certain number of people.

And then opening.

Anime Content Expo 2012 First entry group - YouTube

Animation Content Expo 2012 People who enter the lot after being divided into batches

People asking for a numbered ticket at the Niconico video booth.

As it is, some people line up at the booth for the events after this.

At the animate booth selling anime goods, the queue went back many times at once.

Anime Content Expo 2012 Matrix line up in the sales of animate

It will be tough for you to have a matrix like this at the booth here and there, so there is a standby space outside the booth.

Since the waiting space is provided outdoors, it is possible to pool even if there are many queues.

For the sake of the emergency, the 4 holes were also waiting place.

Preparation is thorough.

Yuuma Takahashi of Aniplex who took part in the event said that it was the first event since it was the first event, so there are many things that I can not predict but I hope everyone can enjoy it without being injured.

After 10 o'clock, it seems to be difficult even to look around the venue normally ...

Animate booth near peak ... ...

The waiting time reached as much as three hours. It seems that there were times when it was waiting for up to 4 hours.

Wait for the food court for 120 minutes.

Matrix end tail outdoors ... ....

Animation was announced "So I can not do H"A pain car appeared at the booth.

Anime starts broadcasting in July

7 volumes will be released on April 20 in the original novel.

Here is a new program from April "Is this a zombie? Of the deadPretty scary car

Sgt. FrogAlso a pain car.

One of the stickers used in this pain car is released in February "Yoshizaki Kannon Completely supervised "K" -FILE Keroro Gunso Official Guide Book 22.5It is attached to that.

A lot of people fill the space between the booth and the booth. I can not tell from where I am a matrix and where I am going.

"Ino T" which designed Inoue president of Kadokawa Shoten. "Enjoy a lot and get excited and let's make a legend together!As you said, it has been really amazing event since the first time.

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