The AXE 's "Mote moto just by painting" CM movie has a different level only in the French version

The familiar CM movie that ordinary young man just painted AXE ... becomes familiar CM movie is the content which it is getting wanted somehow though it is wanting AXE, but "Impact" edited in France is like that level It has become tearing contents, it is a value ant at first glance.

AXE Douche Anarchy "Impact" - 60s - YouTube

The stage is a beach

Beautiful girls in bathing suits

A young man caught glancingly at it, at this point no one is concerned about the youth.

AXE Anarchy Shower Gel (body soap) that appeared there.

Coloring on your body ......

Beauty responds crowded

If you are painting yourself further

Another woman also reacts

In spite of a whirlprint

Wowa and women began to dash.

If men become motomote now, it is the usual AXE CM ... ...

Everyone passed by.

Rather escape as deserted

It seems that I am concerned not behind a man with AXE, but behind it.

There ...

A meteorite is coming in under a flame!

But the young man is grinning.

Women attracted to the fragrance of AXE were flying at tremendous speed


I will come closer and closer

He stretched his knees and spread his hands.

CM is over with the message "DÉCLENCHE LE CHAOS (for chaos)". How much amazing is the effect of AXE ......

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