Forgiving sexual assertion that "I want lustfulness to me" CM

Ford's car "Ford StreetKa'S CM is a sexy singerKylie MinogueI succeeded in leaving a brilliant impression by appointing, but, in particular, this CM is too sexy too, so once it is a sealed version, there are also punches properly.

Playback is from the following.
YouTube - Ford StreetKa - Kylie Minogue Director's Cut * UNSEEN *

Customers are chatting with stylish cafe

The voice of a boy screaming for something to come over reverberates

Looking at the direction that everyone points to that voice ...

Kylie Minogue appears

The men are gazingly watching the situation

Women are also watching

Also notice the signs from the opposite direction, when you see it all together ... ...

There is Ford StreetKa!

I'm staring at Ford StreetKa

In addition to returning to Kylie Minogue ... ...

I started to take off my coat


This is nailed to Ford StreetKa

Kylie Minogue as it approaches Ford StreetKa with a relaxed footstep

Ford StreetKa approaching approaching slowly in the same way

The boys are stunned

The square completely enters the world of Ford StreetKa and Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue stopping in front of Ford StreetKa

Looking up at the sky ......

A dark cloud will stand

Glittering shining rain falls on Kylie Minogue's limbs

And to touch the Ford StreetKa to caress, Kylie Minogue

The crowd who got in a state where even if there is even it can stand up all together

Kylie Minogue boarding Ford StreetKa

Unexpected clap

When you actually play it there are a lot of images inserted in this place, there are also puppies like boys like that

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