Wine open & pouring machine which runs on myriad gears like sommelier

The appearance of a complicated machine with gears moving in a circle is given to those who see "Oh oh" just by looking at it, but the machine is exactly moving and the power is overwhelming, and for some reason Or it is a very bizarre way to manually rotate and move it, and it is still showing how this can be done so far just by pouring wine.

Rob Higgs - YouTube

Set bottle of wine


Glass also set

I will spin it all round and round

Then the machine comes down and starts to slowly open the cork of the bottle

Kyukubiru kyuri


When it is completely opened, the bell rings and notifies you, it will notify us from here

Gyu - to and the bottle moved to the glass

It puts in an exquisite angle so as not to spill the wine, yes, just like a sommelier. This is the true value of this machine.

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