Light texture enough to eat too much chewlessly "Sakusaku milky bag" taste review

"Milky is the taste of mama" and catchphrase and Fujiya's famous "Milky" familiar with the picture of "Peco chan" printed on a large package. I think that everyone once tasted like a child when I was a child. Featuring a texture that makes it crisp enough for clinging to the teeth, this time finished with a light texture to enjoy this milky crispyCrisp milky bagThat was released. I tried what kind of texture and taste it is.

Milky crispy crispy texture first appeared!

This is"Crisp milky bag"(210 yen including tax).

The catchphrase "Milky is the taste of mama" is at the top of the package. There are many people whose catchphrase on the melody is played with nature and head.

It was also printed firmly on the bottom of the package.

It is the back side of the package. Speaking of milky, there is a texture with a high degree of stickiness, but this is a product that shows the spirit of challenging that you have aimed for a crispy feeling.

Raw materials are here.

It is a nutritional ingredient. Calories to worry about 14 kcal per grain (3.2 g standard).

Before eating crisp milky, I will confirm the taste of the classic milky.

Raw material name.

It is a nutritional ingredient. 285 kcal per bag (75 g per piece).

There are 21 bags in all.

I am relieved to design a familiar individual packaging.

I tried out it from the bag.

The section is like this, the whole is in a homogeneous state. When you put it in your mouth, the mellow taste of condensed milk slowly spreads. After briefly putting in the mouth, the cake tends to spread to the mouth with cucumber flavor and you can enjoy even more rich taste. This taste is "Soft taste that expresses the mother's love, sweets that make you feel naughty of breast milkIt is because it is said that "Milky is the taste of mama". The texture that sticks to the teeth when burning may be irritating to people who like it, but what is touched by people who care.

Well, next time saw crisp milky tried out the contents. It is 27 bags in all.

Package of bag is like this. Unlike Milky's individual packaging paper, it is made of plastic.

I tried out it from the bag.

Compared with milky, you can see that the color is dark. The size of one grain is that crunchy milky is smaller than milky, but there is no big difference.

I tried to break it. When the inner candy touches it, it is superimposed in a thin layer that collapses with polo-polo, which makes a crispy texture. Sakuma confectionery "Ichigo MilkIt is similar to the texture and the texture is light, and you can crush as soon as your tooth hits. The taste reflects the color intensity as it is, and feels the moist and sweetness of the thick condensed milk. However, there is no side of milky in the taste UHA taste sugar "Matsuno milk 8.2I felt close to that.

It is unfortunate that the taste of milky is sacrificed as a result, although it is possible to evaluate the change of taste accompanied with a change in texture rather than just saying the texture of milky crispy . However, because the taste of concentrated condensed milk is felt firmly, it seems worth trying to try those who want to eat with a crispy texture. In that case, it is careful not to overdo it too much, because the time to stay in your mouth is shorter than the regular milky which you can taste carefully.

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