A movie of a refrigerator that throws cold beer cans automatically to the sofa

This refrigerator, made from the idea that beer should come to you instead of going for beer instead of throwing it down to the sofa away from the chilled beer Arm is attached. With this it does not bother to go to the refrigerator, you can take beer while sitting on the sofa.

Details are as follows.
Robotic Beer Launching Refrigerator Video

One-handed catch brilliantly. How long will you be able to use it?

The refrigerator is introduced below with photographs.

John W. Cornwell Beer Launching Fridge

A refrigerator placed in the corner of the room.

Ten beers can be put in the refrigerator.

A mechanism to lift the can from inside the cabinet with an elevator and set it on the catapult.

The site of John W. Cornwell who made this is below. It seems that he is making various strange things besides the refrigerator.

John W. Cornwell home

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