A dog's movie playing billiards for deft with his forefoot

Billiards is a game where you use a cue stick to hit a ball, but there seem to be some dogs playing billiards instead of queues instead of their own feet.

The front leg when hitting a ball is like a guru like a guru like to appear in a kung fu movie, and it feels like something is going to wake a miracle.

Movie playback is from the following.
YouTube - My smart Dog Halo playing Pool

With your own forefoot rather than queue


I thought I had removed it ... ...

Bound shot on the ball in front.

I went inside properly.

Hold my forefoot.


I finely took down the 6th ball.

Challenge again.

I removed it.

I put it in my hands.

Good work.

This dog seems to like billiard very much, and while the owner is playing billiards it is also wandering around and around the billiard table.

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