Automatic Domino knock-down creation robot feared that a sense of accomplishment and impression may be slightly reduced

It is a movie of a robot made of Lego which automatically arranges Domino at equal intervals. According to wikipedia,Domino killingAnd "It is a play that enjoys such a sense of accomplishment that the domino tiles are lined up so as not to collapse and the beauty like a tile falls down", so I feel like I can not taste the sense of accomplishment when doing it automatically Although it seems to feel the easiness of Domino's collapse more easily.

The movie is from the following. With this feeling I will push Domino one by one at even intervals.

The mechanism is easy. One motor is the power of "wheel" and "mechanism to push out domino".

It is seen from the back.

I'm aligning dominoes

For simplicity, arrange the curves manually. It is made to tolerate linear movement.


Last time Domino is killed. It seems to be a great success as Domino has collapsed cleanly. Click here for the movie playback.
YouTube - Lego domino row building machine

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