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As a valentine plan, from February 10 to February 14, 2010Domino Pizza sells a heart-shaped "Happy Valentine Pizza"That's right. The size is about 1 to 2 people and the price is 1300 yen. Special tomato sauce, cheese, pepperoni, extra cheese, mozzarella cheese is a simple pizza of toppings, there is a discount of 5% off when booking in Domino online the day before. It may be interesting to spend Valentine's Day with pizza.

So tomorrow is a national holiday. Next FridayFebruary 12. On February 12th one year ago GIGAZINE wrote such an article.

The secret of kiss which psychology professor unveiled - GIGAZINE

It is said that treasure is buried, a rare photo taken at the base of a rainbow bridge - GIGAZINE

Gandhi's glasses and sandals India's independent father auction exhibition - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.

What day is Valentine's Day? | Research rTYPE [eye share](15.5% of the women say "There is a thing that confesses to the event, Valentine's Day")

Google Japan Blog: You can now see the Tokyo subway timetable on Google Maps(Internet, how much does it take in that service will stop its evolution)

McDonald's, net income for the current fiscal year down 55% Decrease in loss due to store restructuring(Corporate, extraordinary loss due to closing 433 stores with low profitability)

[2010/02/08] resentment Honpo "There is no land you bid on for an auction!"(Incident, the land on which the bidding was auctioned at auction was how national highway)

A ridiculous matter of 19 trillion yen at Rokkasho village reprocessing plant - rkentablog(The environment, reprocessing costs are included in the electricity bill and it seems to be collected over 350 years from 2005 to 2369)

The utility cost of the air conditioner is the cheapest among the heating appliances - TEPCO - home appliances Watch(Environment, when announcing the same amount of heat announced a trial calculation that the running cost of the air conditioner is the smallest)

Portable shipments in 2009, 25% decrease Maximum drop(Mobile, the biggest biggest decline in the past)

For university students half price, application is indefinite - "New WILLCOM flat rate plan S" revised - ITmedia + D Mobile(Mobile, under 22 years old and students will have indefinite the basic charge 1450 yen)

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, DoCoMo suspected "unlawfully sold" investigation line - NIKKEI NET (Nikkei Net)(Communication, NTT West is receiving business improvement order on 4th, possibly affecting NTT organization review)

Decreasing the display speed of the Web What is "SSL handshake" - @ IT(How to improve the display speed of the Web browser by simplifying "SSL handshake")

Creating a Linux router using nat table (1/3) - @ IT(By using software, iptables, it is possible to build a router equal to or higher than that of a commercially available broadband router)

For some reason "winners" Acquisition of 230 new settlers in the isolated islands where young people emigrate in 5 and half years ~ Shimane prefecture · seaports town JBpress (Japan Business Press)(Local people, working people in the 20th to 40th centers are migrating to Oki)

The limit of ANA's patience too! JAL preferential measures to distort the air market in Shizuoka prefecture that could lead to withdrawal | inside | diamond online(Although it is ANA that firstly made regular service to Shizuoka flight, measures to take preferential treatment of JAL only have been taken why)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): US authorities, Toyota · Corolla also investigated investigation or with electric power steering - business · economy(It seems that complaints such as "the direction of the car changes to left and right unexpectedly" are given to the car)

10 automobiles, forecast for the year ending March 2010 - 7 passenger cars to secure operating surplus: Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun(Economy, sales in China are good, sales of developed countries also bottom out and demodulated)

Questionnaire: What I want is "Beauty car" than "Eco car"! Is it? Female in her 20's - Everyday jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(Cars, women's needs to want "beauty care" when driving)

Possibility of war against Iran: weekly object(Overseas, even Russia, which was sympathetic to Iran against Iran's commencement of refinement of highly enriched uranium, also said "there is a possibility of war")

Business Media Makoto: The difference between a person who can and can not do "Troubles" (1/2)(Work, people who can "search for ways to avoid", people who can not "to postpone")

Is the person who is "boring and likely to die" actually has a high mortality rate? - Slashdot Japan(Health, people who felt "very boring" had 37% more mortality revealed)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Disease prevention effect of exercise, difference depending on genes Shinshu University confirmed - Science(Sensitivity will change if genes of receptors that respond to hormones promoting health, blood pressure regulation and glucose metabolism are different)

Let's actually start exercising "Everyday weight muscle training" every day ten minutes | target = decrease waist 5 cm in one month You also challenge! Road to demometabo | Diamond Online(I'd like to include muscle training as well as calorie restriction on health, diet)

CNN.co.jp: The mumps flu epidemic, over 1000 infected people NY(Health, many of the infected people are seen as widespread in summer camps by Jewish children)

VIPPER me: bear too scared WALOTA wwwww www(Although it is cutely expressed in animals, ASCII art etc. Actually ...)

"Odoru Daisousasen 3" new character announcement! Yuki Uchida to subordinates of Qingdao criminal! Atsushi Ito with a wife of Mr. Waku! - Cinema Today(It seems that the background of a tear-tearing thing is hidden for a fan in movies, the roles of two people)

Galgene blog Bra maayo's bald weak(Skin of Bra Mayo Yoshida, noticed by TV, Hi-Vision broadcasting)

The eye power to see through the Tsunku's beautiful girls has not declined(Entertainment, surprised by the magnitude of change before and after processing)

Aim for the world's best game brand! A stage play was also done Level Five company briefing session - Dengeki Online(Level 5 company explanatory meeting for games, Drakue 9 and Professor Layton etc)

Love Plus | I want to call you your name ♪(In the next game,Name voice dataIt seems that it will be greatly increased)

Business Media Makoto: What is the difference between "well formed game" and "interesting game"? - Father of Mario, Shigeru Miyamoto's Design Philosophy (Part 1) (1/5)(Mr. Miyamoto who was awarded a meritorious award at the 13th Cultural Affairs Media Arts Festival in the winning symposium)

Online preview / Eve's time theatrical version | Free video GyaO! [Gao](Anime, a free online preview of 'Eve's Time Theater Version' for 300 people from February 18)

Sweet noises, the first drawn-down news with Shikotan's Anison CD 3rd news -ORICON STYLE-(Animation, Aniison cover CD jacket scheduled to be released on March 10 will be in charge of "Suzumiya Haruhi" etc.)

U.S. federal agencies are closed for three consecutive days due to record heavy snow - 47 NEWS (Yoana News)(overseas,EnglandFollowing on the east coast of the United States is hit by recordable heavy snow)

Super bowl first winning Saints local New Orleans triumphant parade photo 8 international news: AFPBB News(Sports,Mardi GrasIt seems that festivities will continue in New Orleans due to its proximity)

German game center robbery, threatening with hot coffee cup | global speech | Reuters(Overseas, hot cup threatens female clerks and takes money away, giving a considerable fear)

Richmond food and beverage supports speed skating - "Miho roll" also appeared - Vancouver Economic Newspaper(Food, 'Miho Roll' is image of Miharu Takagi who is a topic at the age of 15 as a result of the Olympic appearance)

Possibility to make the beer stronger, including a lot of silicon = Rice research | Global speech | Reuters(Diet, beer containing a lot of barley malt and hops is a lot of silicon content)

Valentine's, confession "Black White Takoyaki" (Excite Bit Connector) | Excite News(To the Takoyaki in a dough made with Bincho charcoal powder)

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