How to prevent bad breath with familiar foods such as fruits and herbs

Bad breath is hard to notice on your own, it is troublesome. For example, in the luncheon on the day when the meeting is held in the afternoon, it seems that there is some resistance to eating cooking using garlic or onion lees or curry.

Although it is cited as chewing gum as a popular countermeasure, it seems quite tough to keep eating while the food serving as the source of the odor is being digested. In such a case, it seems that food that can reduce bad breath by eating after having a strong meal is a strong ally.

Details are as below.8 Foods That Will Hide Your Bad Breath - by Dumb Little Man

◆ parsley
Although parsley has an image that only seems to be a color of dishes, it also has a role of preventing bad breath. If parsley is added to dish of garlic dish, it seems to prevent bad breath by eating it at the end of meal. By the way it has similar effects on basil leaves and rosemary.

◆ Spice in a sachet
Spices are said to have the effect of removing bad breath. Carding a parcel with cardamom, coriander, and fennel seed may be a hand.

◆ Berry
Although it is said to be an antioxidant berry, it seems to have the effect of refreshing breath.

◆ Orange
Vitamin C has the power to prevent bad breath, so Orange is also effective food. When eating dishes that used plenty of garlic, it seems to be good to eat oranges in the hours after that.

◆ Lemon
It is a lemon that has an effect of erasing the odor on hands when cooking garlic, but it seems to show similar effects on bad breath. For example, when drinking carbonated water, just put a piece of sliced ​​lemon in the glass will prevent bad breath.

◆ apple
Apple is a good fruit to prevent bad breath so that it can say "natural toothbrush". In addition to getting liquid when you eat apples as mushrooms, it seems that the effect of cleaning the inside of the mouth is strong as the dietary fiber is abundant.

◆ Mint
"There is nothing that refreshes the inside of the mouth as much as mint, it is because of the popularity of mint gum," and it seems that the breath refresh effect is high. As mentioned at the beginning, it is a problem that gums must keep on chewing, so is it good to chew mint leaves?

◆ Cinnamon stick
When cinnamon sticks are chewed, the essential oil seeps out quickly and it reduces bacteria that cause bad breath. However, I feel that it is difficult to keep chewing on the cinnamon stick if it is not so much a cinnamon ... .... People who love cinnamon may try it.

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