Paper cutting machine "PK-513L" which can cut crisply over 100 sheets of paper and review it

It is a cutting machine that can be used when disassembling books that can not be scanned because they are overly thick and can scan them with a scanner, or cut small pieces of paper that are no longer needed into memo pads. You can cut the paper with a cutter or the like, but it is inconvenient that the cuts are irregular, or you can not cut many sheets of paper together. Especially when you want to cut a large amount for "self-catering" which converts books and magazines into data, work can not keep up with cutters and scissors.

So, this time the stationery maker 's "PLUS Stationery" sells "PK-513L(50,600 yen including tax) "AmazonBut since the evaluation was high, I actually decided to purchase and see how much cutter the cutter can cut with how much thing.

It arrives in a box like this.

When opening the box, I found a note that I did not hit my face against the rising handles.

The contents are the main body, instructions, and batteries.

Looking from the front like this.

It is on the right side.

The back is like this.

Looking from the left side like this.

From the top, you can see that guidelines are included to set paper.

It is the bottom.

It has rubber feet, making it less slippery even when applying force when cutting paper.

There is a box to put the battery in the bottom. For the explanation of what this is used for, please see the next picture.

When this switch is pushed, the red light hits the place where the blade comes down when cutting, so that you know the position to cut firmly.

When you turn on the light it looks like this.

Put the paper to be cut on this table.

Parts that hold the paper so that it does not slide are removable.

Since the blade does not go down unless the switch for handle lock is pushed backward, there is no worry that it will manipulate accidentally and cut a finger etc.

Let's immediately cut 50 sheets of paper. In addition, the used paper is a general A4 size for printer.

When it is set like this in the line of A5, it has become this size after cutting it.

Since the stopper is designed to be attached to the table with a magnet, the position of the paper placed on the upper side and the paper placed on the lower side will not be misaligned when cutting.

To cut, first press the handle lock switch.

If you push in the handle as it is, the paper breaks with a feeling like zakutsu.

It is such a place that actually cuts paper.

It is cut to two.

Section is straight and sharp as follows.

Next set 100 sheets of paper.

Even if the number of sheets increases, the force necessary to push in the handle does not increase, it will crackle.

I was able to sput out even 100 sheets.

The section looks something like this.

As expected it would not fit into the gap under the blade as it became 200 sheets.

Next, I will cut off the catalog.

First of all, remove the core of the stapler that is closing the paper in the center.

Because the number of sheets is small, cutting is instantaneous.

I could cut it in the middle.

Next, cut corrugated paper.

The paper floated up a little, but it was able to cut without problems.

I am able to cut with straight lines without complaint.

The section is also sharp.

Next I will cut off the catalog of one festival.

It is a booklet with over 300 pages so it's quite thick.

You can cut it even with this thickness.

I cut off the back cover with a spat. If this is done, it can be converted to data through a scanner.

A cross section that is beautiful enough to be thought that you cut it yourself.

Finally"GIGAZINE Language to the futureI decided to cut it.

Remove the band and cover.

It was a little thick.

So cut the spine with a cutter and make it half the thickness.

This way you can cut it crisply.

When cutting with the thickness of the spine cover ... ....

You can see the characters you could not see when it was closed.

"Scheduled to be e-book" is only "planned", but the Asahi Shimbun publication is supposed to do something, perhaps, perhaps.

Here is a movie showing how 50 actually cut 50 sheets of paper and then cut it to make it 100 sheets.

A cutting machine "PL-513" capable of cutting zagzag by stacking over 100 sheets of paper Practical review - YouTube

The price at the manufacturer site at the time of article creation is over 50,000 yen,AmazonHowever, since it is an expensive product of about 30,000 yen, it may not be easy to purchase it individually, but those who are going to do self-catering etc. in earnest should try reference as an example of the performance of the cutting machine.

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