I tried using "electric bread & multi knife" which can cut sandwiches full of volume with perfect cross section

When cutting sandwiches and cakes, knives for knives and bread cuttings are difficult to put in angles and forces, inadvertently crushing the dough, dropping the ingredients from baked pork and cutting delicious appreciated cuts Although it is often said that the appearance will become a miserable figure afterwards, but it is possible to cut with a beautiful cut without moving the ingredients by moving the two blades alternatelyBLACK & DECKEREK 700 "Electric bread & multi knife". Since I was able to borrow the real machine this time, I actually tried using sandwiches and cakes to check my skills.

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You can actually see how the electric bread & multi knife cuts sandwiches from the following movie.

"Electric bread & multi knife" which can cut cakes and sandwiches with perfect cross section - YouTube

This is BLACK & DECKER's electric bread & multi knife.

Inside the main body and instruction manual, two blades were included.

The body looks like this.

The grip had a slip prevention.

When grasping, put your thumb on the slip stop and press the button with the index finger.

Two blades.

Slide the protrusion about one blade edge into the hole of the other blade ......

Combine the two blades into one.

Once the blade is set in the main body, preparation is completed.

The size is 460 mm × 60 mm × 70 mm, the weight is 0.7 kg. Even if it is used by a woman, her hands were of a size and size that did not get tired.

Having it in your hand is like this.

So I will actually cut it. First of all, when cutting with a kitchen knife or a knife, it seems that it gets shatteredSubway's spicy shrimp.

Lightly hit the blade against the sandwich.

With the switch turned on, the blade advances quickly, without putting effort ...... very, very comfortable. When cutting with a kitchen knife, the bread collapsed and the ingredients fell down and it might be okay, but we could cut it gently without thinking anything. Just pressing the switch will make the blade move at high speed with the sound like electric sawtooth, so it is a bit scary to cut by the finger.

The section looks something like this. As the two blades move alternately at high speed, the ingredients do not move, shape does not collapse, it is a beautiful cut enough to unexpectedly become "ha".

Even if a lot of small pieces such as olives are contained,Like artA stunning cross section.

What will happen if you cut something without tools? So, I challenge baguettes this time.

When trying to cut baguettes with ordinary kitchen knife, the baguette collapsed with Pechang, obviously failed.

When cutting with bread cut knife, it was easier to cut than ordinary knife.

Then I will cut it with electric bread & multi knife.

Since the surface of the baguette is hard, I start to put a little effort at the beginning, but when I break through the surface, I was able to cut a little with the weight of the hands and knife afterwards.

Let's compare baguettes cut with two of the pan cutting knife and electric bread & multi knife.

This one cut with a bread cutting knife. The surface is slightly irregular because it cuts by moving the knife by hand. Also, thickness varies with location.

On the other hand, the surface of the baguette cut with the electric bread & multi knife was flat.

The last story is a hole cake with difficult strawberries. Often it will not be possible to cut strawberries and it will often be a deloader until a sponge or cream.

Put a blade on a strawberry ... ...

When you press the switch, it cuts without difficulty.

I quickly finished cutting it.

The cut surface looks something like this. Because the load is not applied, the positions of cream and strawberry are hardly moved, so even soft cakes can be served in beautiful state.

In addition, Amazon is currently selling at a price of 9,450 yen at the price of 3000 yen.

Amazon.co.jp: BLACK & amp; DECKER Electric Bread & amp; Multi Knife EK 700: Home & amp; Kitchen

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