I tried using "Wall Beautiful" that you can place a bookshelf, storage rack, TV etc on the wall with a stapler without hurting the wall

Installing a shelf, shelf, TV, etc. on the wall tends to be difficult to execute because there is a possibility of hurting the wall and a large tool is required. However, just by using a staple somewhere else, it was easy to install it without damaging the wall even with heavy items "Wall beauty"is.

Wall beauty .net "wall beauty" specialty shop that realizes wall storage with stapler

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This is "Wall Beauty".Fixing bracket for gypsum board onlySo, there are various kinds according to the use, but this time I bought one for static load per piece 6 kg. The price is 940 yen including tax with 2 pieces set.

There were 2 metal fittings and 1 special needle, 4 films, and instruction manual included.

This is a film. Place the film on the hole of the metal fittings and fix it with a stapler from above.

Although a special needle is bundled, you need to prepare the stapler body yourself. This time purchase at 100 yen shop.

Recommended for MAX companyHD-10DHowever, as long as it is 180 degrees open like this, anything can be used.

When comparing the exclusive needle and the commercially available staple needle, the special needle seemed thick and sturdy. There are 50 needles per piece.

It is difficult to install a shelf or television on the wall because it hurts the wall, but how much mark will be left when using staples? So, first, I will use a special needle to check the stapler traces.

Stop the stapler firmly with the batting ... ...

It is like this when pulling out the needle. Even as it is, I can hardly understand when I look away.

I will repair it with a correction solution.

It is like this when repairing with correction liquid. A state where I do not know where I stapled where I had to keep my eyes well.

I want a storage space on the wall, so this time I prepare an empty box of wine. Although you can get a free box of wine for familiar restaurants,Internet shoppingBut you can buy it for around 1000 yen.

For those without hooksReceiving toolYou also need to purchase. This is from 420 yen including tax.

For wall beautiful, load carrying capacity changes depending on the type of fixing bracket and the size of the thing to be mounted. It is better to check before installing so that heavy objects are placed on top of the load bearing and the metal fittings can not bear the weight.

So, first of all, we use a commercially available screw to attach the receiving tool to the wooden box.

When installing two receiving brackets, let it be equally spaced from the center so that the weight is not biased toward either.

If you attach the receiving tool to the upper part of the wooden box, it will be decorative on the back side of the wooden box, so you need to attach a spacer to the underside of the wooden box using wood chips. This time I used cardboard repeatedly.

Like this.

Now that the wooden box is ready, next we will install the mounting brackets in the following space where you attach the wooden box.

Mounting work is simple to put the film on the hole part of the metal fittings, and to stop with the staple. In the case of gypsum board it was possible to stab a staple without paying much effort.

However, because you need a little trick in your way, you will end up with a poorly stuck needle if you fail.

Points, for example if you put a staple on the right side of a metal fitting, pierce the needle at the left side of the hole. By doing this, the part where the needle comes out closely adheres to the wall, so you can push the needle thoroughly with light force.

Installation of two metal fittings is completed.

I only attach a wooden box.

Since the mounting bracket is not visible from the front of the wooden box, it looks refreshing.

From the side, you can see a little space on the back of the wooden box.

Does it actually work as a bookshelf? Are not you going to drop things and fall? So I will put more books into the wooden box.

I tried just to put it, but I will not do it.

In addition, I tried carrying a bag containing a Let's note and a notebook and a small article, an alarm clock, etc., but I was fine at all.

So, even people without power can do the work easily, and without having to hurt the walls, shelves etc. that were not easy to install so far can be installed so that for those who think "storage space is insufficient" A pretty useful item.

This time we installed a receiving tool in a wooden box, but a private shelf and a box etc are sold to beautiful walls, "I want to attach a magazine rack to a living room" "I want to install a dresser in my bedroom" "In a child room I'd like to install a bookshelf ", it is possible to select according to situations.

Wall beauty .net "wall beauty" specialty shop that realizes wall storage with stapler

For example, if you use a dedicated shelf, you may end up working just by fixing the mounting bracket to the wall with a really stapler.

Wall beauty.net realize wall storage with stapler "Wall Beauty" specialty store / Hotchkiss wall mounted small shelf

Also, parts dedicated to the wall hanging of TV are also on sale.

Wall beauty .net realizes wall storage with a stapler "Wall beauty" specialty store / wallpaper with a stapler TV setter wall beauty S size

There were also hangers dedicated to guitar.

Wall beauty .net "wall beauty" specialty shop that realizes wall storage with stapler / wall beauty GUITAR HERO (guitar hero)

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