"One Touch Naked Village" that bulk HDDs can be easily stored collectively with original manufacturing method developed by Japanese crafts review

If you are using Telepatho's recording function or making your own personal computer or remodeling, the hard disk you do not use will get stuck with jagged. Since the bulk hard disk is not in the case unlike the external product, it is dangerous if it does not properly manage it, but after all it is not possible to find a good case in the end but put it in a plastic bag and thrust it in the drawer There are not many people saying that they are rolling and rolling around in that area in a bad case. So when I was looking for an inexpensive case that can easily protect a disk containing important data from dust and shocks,3.5 inch HDD exclusive storage box One-touch Naked Village (CRM35-H706OTB)(Direct sales price 1380 yen) "seemed to be just right, so I actually decided to purchase it and try using it.

Spacious and large package.

Besides the case made of corrugated paper, double-sided tape used for assembly with sponge of protective material is included.

Because it is collapsed to Petankanko like this, just spread it OK.

Pull the edge ... ....

Deployed in a box shape with a belloon.

Simply insert the cushioning material sponge from the bottom.

Paste it on the side.

Let's peel off the seal on the other double-sided tape as well and put out the adhesive surface.

If you paste on the side as well OK.

We will assemble the other side in the same way.



A box-shaped case is completed.

You can check how the assembling is complete with about 1 minute in the following movie.

Assemble "One Touch Naked Village" to store bulk HDDs collectively - YouTube

The place actually used is like this.

A maximum of six 3.5-inch hard disks can be stored.

So, the person who was in trouble at the location of the bare hard disk is a product of need check.

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