I want more carbonara sauce "Salmon burger" Tasting review

New products released from Moss Burger today "Salmon burger carbonara sauce tailoring". It is said that it is limited quantity of 1 million meals, so I went to eat early before it was sold out.

MOS BURGER | Cut's New Saku! Salmon cutlet burger

Arrived at a Mos Burger shop.

Salmon cutlet burger was 350 yen, seafood dog 260 yen was also released at the same time, so I bought it.

Rectangular fries are sandwiched like a phleo fish.

Carbonara sauce on top of chopped cabbage.

There is nothing particularly under the fly.

Both fry and cabbage have crispness and texture, but there is a response, but the amount of carbonara of "carbonara sauce tailoring" is small, and it has been brought to the pretended flavor of the buns all. I just wanted to enjoy a bit more creamy taste.

This is Seafood Dog

Seafood fly penetrates the buns, one with Dong.

Shredded cabbage is sandwiched with fly.

This shrimp and squid is fried and fried, this seafood fry tastes quite tasty and delicious, with sauce and mayonnaise added there, it is finished in the feeling that it seems to be on the stall or something like Takoyaki. Although it is said to be 260 yen, there are places that I feel slightly expensive compared to hot dogs, but it is a nice dish that supplements it.

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