Sugar served for 2 weeks to eat "Marushu" baked sweet potatoes Review

A long-established shop sweet potato shop "Karushi" in Kyoto Kawaramachi, which has been in operation for over 130 years, is a popular shop where a matrix can be formed even though it is in a small place where even a signboard is not visible from the outside. It is also a rare shop that is only open for 2 hours from 12 o'clock to 14 o'clock and only 5 months in a year, and on the net many fans can find many blogs that have spelled off purchase stuff and pleasure. I will. For details about this area, see the previous article "PurchaseSo I will deliver a real meal review this time.

In addition, the brochure distributed even at shops "Higashiyama Tour"According to the statement that" If you save for three weeks from two weeks, it tinted into a calm golden color, like a sweet potato sweetness like a sweet potato ", I heard the shopkeele certainly recommended It is said that it is how to eat, so I'm also verifying the taste after actually aging for two weeks.

◆ On the day of purchase

I opened the wrapping paper. The paper is wet because it is quite moist.

Weighs 1 520 grams.

The size is about the same as PET bottle of about 500 milliliters.

It seems that it is heated from the peeled part of the side, and this part is burnt considerably.

Skin looks like this. I could eat it like this because it was thin.

The end of potato is cut off. The details are unknown, but according to the shop owner it is the secret of the taste of this shop to steam like this in this way.

I tried to break it. Moisture is moderately moist and the texture is moist.

It looks like this when sliced. When you look at the cross section, you can see that there is little unevenness in color and even fire is passing through.

It is a strong sweetness that you think that you are eating Sweet potato with moist feeling when you actually eat. It smells fragrant from the burned part and is exquisite.

Keep the rest wrapped in the original wrapping paper. In addition, it is said that it is good to refrigerate after the first 4 to 5 days at room temperature.

As it gets juiced on wrapping paper in 2 ~ 3 days, it is necessary to exchange.

One week later

From the appearance, I do not know the difference from purchase day.

Looking at it, it looks like this.

When looking at the cut in which the kitchen knife was put in, the color of the real part near the skin is getting deeper, but when we actually tried eating it did not understand the change in the taste well. Rather, it seems that the freshly prepared fish was delicious as it is getting cold ... ....

Two weeks later

As for the appearance, the skin is regarded as Sinashina so that you can see that moisture has escaped.

Clearly the contents are yellowish.

Cut face looks like this. I feel that the part where the color of the outer side is darker is wider than that of the one a week ago, but I do not know whether it is due to the individual difference of potato or the change in time. Even though the skin moisture was missing, the contents were not dry to that extent and there was never anything like Pasapasa.

Comparing cross sections from the date of purchase until two weeks afterwards looks like this. The point where the color near the skin gradually darkens is consistent with the feeling that seems to be taste darker.

When I tried to eat it actually, I felt that the sweetness became stronger than the first day, but it seems to be more delicious to have freshly made fish ......

I tried heating it for 1 minute in a microwave oven.

It gets softened by being warmed, and the smell of potato is a little stronger. It was sweeter than freshly made, yet there was a sensation that touched the heat so I enjoyed the most delicious taste of all the patterns.

In 2 weeks it will be "moist and sweet taste like sweet potato", so I tried to cut it like sheepskins. If you eat in this form, it is sweetness and texture of a level that you can not imagine sweet potatoes anymore.

It is perfectly a natural way, but when you eat it with a real lamb, you can taste the sweet potatoes and combine the intense sweetness of Yeoh Yu.

Actually putting it in bed for 2 weeks and eating it is that although it is possible to make it delicious enough it will be more delicious if it is ranged after aging. This time it was aged only for two weeks, but if you let it fall asleep for 3 weeks or more, the color of the whole potato will be darker and the sweetness may increase.

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