Ultra small guitar head that can practice guitar anywhere "PocketStrings"

The guitar is not that big instrument, but it is not small enough to take it for any destination. Still, for those who say "I want to practice anytime! I want to always touch!" There is an ultra-compact guitar "PocketStrings".


This is PocketStrings.

It has a shape like taking only a small part of the head of the guitar, its head part can be stored like a chopstick box. The size is slightly larger than iPhone 4.

You can put it in your bag like this in this way.

Size to fit into the pants' pocket as well.

With this you can take out anywhere and practice the guitar.

I do not know whether everyone will use Waiwai .... However, it may be useful if you need practice time anyway.

Please check the movie actually using this movie.

PocketStrings.com - YouTube

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