High-tech C lover made carbon fiber pen "X-Pen"

Pilot'sHightech CKyle Kinghorn created a body made of carbon fiber "X-Pen" by being able to make better pen body.

The X-Pen: A carbon fiber writing tool by Kyle Kinghorn - Kickstarter

All self-introduction movies are also written using this X-Pen.

Hi Tech C is a nice ballpoint pen, but the body is a bit ... ...

That's why the body made by Kinghorn is "X-Pen". The length of the main body is 147 mm, and the weight is 22 g.

However, it is very expensive to make only one pen. If it makes a lot it can be cheap. That's why Kinghorn asked for an investment of $ 5,000 (about 380,000 yen). The deadline is December 14, 2011, and we gathered investment of 15,000 dollars (about 1.15 million yen) above the plan.

For those who invested 50 dollars (about 3800 yen), after the project is established, a set of X-Pen and Cube Base will be awarded.

For those who invested $ 70 (about 5400 yen), a set of X-Pen and Laser Engraved Wedge Base.

The real thing is like this. Just use the main body (body), ink cartridges of Hightech C.

I'd like to pretty much use it ...... Or, I am very happy that this custom body can be used for various pens (ink cartridges).

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